Bonus Games! Play Diplomacy, drink beer!

We’ve opened two more January games. Join us for Dip and drinks on either Jan. 26 at Guthrie’s Tavern in Chicago or Jan. 27 at Ballydoyle in Downers Grove.

Dip and Drinks at Guthrie’s Tavern
When: Jan. 26 at 6:15 p.m. until no later than 11.
Where: Guthrie’s Tavern, 1300 W Addison in Chicago.
What: At least one board of Diplomacy.
  1. Jim O’Kelley
  2. John Gramila
  3. Peter Lokken
  4. Nathan Kos
  5. Nate Cockerill
  6. Tim O’Donnell
  7. Chris Paxhia
Dip and Drinks at Ballydoyle
When: Jan. 27 at 6:15 p.m. until no later than 11.
Where: Ballydoyle Irish Pub and Restaurant, 5157 Main St in Downers Grove.
What: At least one board of Diplomacy.
  1. Dan Burgess
  2. Mark Weiskircher
  3. Christopher M. Davis
  4. Eric Brown’s colleague
  5. Eric Brown
  6. Jim O’Kelley
  7. Nathan Kos

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  1. Samuel Bassett

    Please add me to the Ballydoyle game.

  2. Aashirwad Viswanathan Anand

    Having never played against the War Weasel before, I am tempted to sign up for the 26th game. But alas, I cannot play at Guthrie’s until two weeks after.

  3. Peter Yeargin

    I’ll come out for tomorrow night. Just in case you guys need an extra…otherwise I can hang out and GM if necessary. šŸ™‚

  4. Dan Burgess

    I will be happy to step aside if anyone wants to play at Ballydoyle in Downers Grove. Sign up by commenting, or by emailing me!

  5. Dan Burgess

    Modified the Ballydoyle listing to reflect two late dropouts. 5 hours from game time and we need a player to salvage the game.

  6. Jim O'Kelley

    Nathan Kos, the newcomer from last night’s game, has agreed to be our emergency seventh. Phew.

    If someone else wants to play, we could still use a replacement for our reluctant sixth, Mr. Dan Burgess.

  7. Jim O'Kelley

    Last night’s game ended by time limit during the Fall 1906 turn. Mark and Eric shared the top with 9 centers each. Chris and I each had 6, and newcomer Rob Clare had 4. I’ll post a proper summary and update all the standings later today.

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