2010 year-end review

Here’s a look back at the 2010 State of the Weasels address and how we did on our goals and objectives. Outcomes are in red.

Membership and Outreach
1. Attract at least 63 people to play in our club games.
That’s an increase of 10, or 18.9 percent.

  • A total of 66 people played in our 2010 club games. That’s an increase of 24.5 percent.

2. Recruit at least 21 people who have yet to play with our group.
We recruited 23 in 2009, so this should be achievable. We’ve already recruited one new player for game No. 84, played Jan.

  • A total of 26 people played with us for the first time in 2010. That’s an increase of 13 percent.
3. Retain at least 35 of the 2009 players.
That’s a 66.7 percent retention rate, compared with only 40.3 percent in 2009, so we have our work cut out for us.
  • We retained 36 of 53 players for a retention rate of 67.9 percent.
4. Reactivate at least seven Weasels who didn’t play in 2009.
This is an ambitious goal. We reactivated only one player in 2009. Our brief history has demonstrated that players who go a year or more without returning to the table usually don’t come back. But, we already have one former player scheduled to play at the Jan. 21 Guthrie’s game. All we need is six more!
  • We reactivated four players: Alex Riedel, Andy Lischett, and Bert and Michael Schoose.
5. Encourage at least 60 percent of our 2010 players to play in two or more games.
We hit 62.3 percent in 2009.
  • A total of 35 of our 66 players played in two or more games. That’s 53 percent.
6. Encourage at least 50 percent of new 2010 players to play in two or more games.
This is an increase from last year’s mark of 43.5 percent.
  • Just nine of 26, or 34.6 percent, played in two or more games.
7. Reach 35 paid-up members.
Another ambitious goal. We’re at 16 paid-up 2010 members right now, but we had 30 last year.
  • We had 37 paid-up members in 2010. We already have 12 for 2011.
Club Games
1. Hold 24 club games, including our club’s 100th overall.
This should be a lay-up. We want to hold our 100th game at Weasel Pyle V this August at Eric Brown’s home. Our problem could be with ensuring that game 100 doesn’t occur earlier.
  • We played a whopping 38 games in 2010. At this pace, we’ll reach 200 games in Season 9.
2. Hold eight multi-board sessions.
Thom Comstock plans to hold one as part of March Madness, and Eric Brown will hold the Pyle in August. If Dan Burgess runs an undercard game with the Royale, that will be three. We’ll probably rely on Guthrie’s for the other five.
  • Counting the Royale and Undercard, we held six multi-board sessions in 2010.
  • The addition of concurrent Guthrie’s-style games in the Western suburbs could make it more difficult to field multiple boards at future Guthrie’s events.
3. Hold at least three novice games.
The first one is scheduled for Guthrie’s on Jan. 21. We already have two novices and a rusty player signed up. Consider bringing a friend out to Guthrie’s on the 21st. This will be a great opportunity for beginners to learn the game in a fun, low-stress environment.
  • We held just the one on Jan. 21, although we had two novices play at the Dec. 29 Guthrie’s game.
Club Tournaments and Events
1. Field at least six boards at CODCon.
We had seven boards last year, but this year, CODCon is the week before DipCon in San Francisco. We expect that to hurt attendance a bit.
  • We fielded eight boards at the 2010 CODCon.
2. Field 15 boards at Weasel Moot.
We had 14 last year. Let’s keep growing!
  • We had 37 players at Weasel Moot IV, just below the high of 38 that we set in Moots 1 and 3, but we only managed 12 boards.
3. Continue working on 2012 North American Diplomacy Championship (to be submitted in 2011).
We could use help finding a venue because the Days Inn isn’t large enough. Who wants to help?
  • In November, we’ll present our bid to combine the 2012 North American Diplomacy Championship with the 2012 World Diplomacy Championship at Weasel Moot VI.
4. Bid on 2012 World Diplomacy Championship at the Hague.
The 2010 WDC will be Aug. 19-22 at the Hague. That’s where we’ll need to be to present our bid for 2012. (The 2011 WDC will be in Australia.)
  • Peter Yeargin presented our bid at the Hague; we will host the 2012 World Diplomacy Championship at Weasel Moot VI.
Tournament Travel
 1. Send at least four Weasels to the North American Diplomacy Championship in San Francisco.
Kevin O’Kelly and Christian MacDonald will lead the Weasels delegation. Who wants to join them? Dip Con is set for April 16-18.
  • We sent three, but Adam Berey was a late cancellation.
2. Send at least one Weasel to the World Diplompacy Championship at the Hague.
WACCon Paris will be the weekend after WDC, Aug. 27-29. What I’d like to do is go to WDC, spend the week between traveling, attend WACCon and then head home. It would be nice to have someone to travel with, and if we were traveling with another couple, I think I could get my girlfriend to go. Anyone?
  • We sent one—not the one we thought we were going to send, but he still counts.
3. Encourage at least four Weasels to travel to tournaments for the first time.
We hit this mark last year, so we’re trying again. We want to continue to export players to national tournaments.
  • We’ve lost momentum here; we didn’t have a single first-time traveler this year.
4. Get at least 10 Weasels to travel to tournaments.
In 2009, 13 Weasels traveled to tournaments, and we’re really proud of that number. Hopefully we can export at least 10 in 2010. DipCon, DixieCon, HuskyCon, Tempest and Carnage are great traveling opportunities. Origins and the Buckeye GameFest once again will be held in Columbus, Ohio, which is relatively close. The crew that ran the Diplomacy tournament at the National Block Party in Louisville the past few years plans to relocate to the PSC Gamefest in Lexington, Ky., in October. Like Columbus, Lexington is about six hours away by car.
  • We finished the year at seven: Christian MacDonald, Kevin O’Kelly, Peter Yeargin, Jim O’Kelley, Nick Rohn, Greg Duenow and Nate Cockerill.

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