Warning: Please don’t feed the Cockerill!

Game No. 120, played Dec. 29 at Guthrie’s Tavern, featured three players who were new to the Weasels. They learned something we all learned long ago: Nate Cockerill is a dangerous animal.

The game ended by draw vote after the Spring 1906 turn with Cockerill threatening the elusive Guthrie’s solo. The final center counts were:

Austria (Sam Bassett): 0; 0.000 points.
England (Ross Morello): 5; 7.911 points.
France (Brandon Valeriano): 6; 11.392 points.
Germany (Peter Lokken): 2; 1.266 points.
Italy (Aash Anand; Matt Sundstrom in mid 1904): 5; 0.000 points.
Russia (Nate Cockerill): 15; 71.203 points.
Turkey (Mike Churchwell): 1; 0.316 points.

Note that neither Aash nor Matt will receive points for the Italian position, but Italy’s points are factored into the sum. Therefore, this game does not total 100 points.

The supply center chart is here. Let’s hear from the players.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    And with that, Nate has overtaken Peter Yeargin for the club lead in Season 6.

  2. Aashirwad Viswanathan Anand

    This game was fun because I got to see Sam Bassett incinerated after his little houseboat opening šŸ˜€

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