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So I was doing my normal perusal of yesterday and stumbled on Keith Law’s latest ESPN Insider article regarding free agents, and primarily, the signing of Troy Tulowitski for an additional six years on top of his current contract that ran through 2013 with an option year for 2014.

For those with Insider access, the article can be found here:

He was in the process of bashing Javier Vazquez as a big gamble by the Marlins for 2011. Being a Braves fan, I found that part interesting and was just finishing up the article when I noticed the last paragraph of his post:

Since it’s shopping season, and not just in baseball: For those of you who enjoyed the piece on Settlers of Catan, I updated the list of my favorite board games over on the dish last week, with Settlers, Carcassonne and Dominion all near the top.

Curious, I clicked on the link and discovered Diplomacy was #14 on his list…Settlers of Cataan being number 1.  Now clearly, his priorities were a bit off, but I thought it was pretty cool.

The next thing I noticed that was extremely cool was the fact that in his article, he linked to our own Ted McClelland’s article on Diplomacy from Chicago Magazine.  A nice little shout out (though indirectly) from ESPN for the club’s famous author!

Nice job, Ted.

Article can be found here.

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  1. Greg Duenow

    I see Twixt on one of those lists!

  2. Kevin O'Kelly

    Time for a trip to Dixie!

    Nice work Ted. Maybe someone will find us through ESPN. Who’da thunk it?

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