Conrad takes Carnage; Yeargin wins the Grand Prix!

The 2010 NADF Grand Prix concluded Nov. 5-7 at the Carnage Accords in Fairlee, Vt. Conrad Woodring, currently of Beaumont, Texas, won the seven-board tournament, but it was Peter Yeargin who won the big prize, officially claiming the Grand Prix championship that he wrapped up at October’s Tempest in a Teapot in Silver Spring, Maryland.
A former Windy City Weasel of the Year, Yeargin grabbed the lead from Steve Cooley, currently of New England, by winning HuskyCon in July. He never relinquished it, easily fending off a late rush by the Potomac Tea & Knife Society’s Andy "Buffalo" Bartalone. In addition to Husky, Yeargin won Chicago’s Weasel Moot in September. Rounding out his best four scores were a second-place finish at Chapel Hill’s DixieCon in May and a third-place finish at Chicago’s CODCon Open in April. He walloped the field
with a total score of 440.8.
In all, Yeargin played in seven North American events (only the best four count for score), as well as the World Diplomacy Championship at the Hague and the European Diplomacy Championship in Paris.
Rounding out the top five were Buffalo with 316.51 points; Cooley, 262.58; aging former world champ Chris Martin, 251.45 points; and Brian Ecton, 206.12 points. Martin and Ecton are both longtime PTKS members.
The final standings should be online soon at the NADF website,
A total of 223 players participated in 10 qualifying Grand Prix events this year, down from 233 in 11 events last year. Fifty-two, or 23.3 percent, played in two or more events; 19, or 8.1 percent, played in three or more. Last year, the numbers were 27.9 percent and 12.5  percent.
It has been a pleasure serving the NADF as your Grand Prix Administrator the past three years. I’m pleased to announce that our president, Conrad Woodring, has selected Matt Shields of Oregon to be my replacement. Matt won the Grand Prix in 2001 and is also, I think, a former administrator. I’ll be working closely with Matt during the transition, and we’ll be contacting TDs and spamming the lists soon about the 2011 Grand Prix. Stay tuned.
Best wishes, and I hope to see you over a board soon.
Jim O’Kelley, Administrator
2010 NADF Grand Prix

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