Today’s game in jeopardy

Like the Edmund Fitzgerald (second reference in a week on this site!) 35 years and three days before it, today’s Diplomacy game at Dan Burgess’ home in Downers Grove is in danger of capsizing. You’ll recall that this game filled within 24 hours of being posted on the site. Unfortunately, five of the original seven players dropped this week. We’ve scrambled to replace four of them (counting Dan as a replacement), but as of now, we stand at six.

The following options are on the table:

  1. Strongarming a neighbor to make seven.
  2. Playing a variant instead.
  3. Delaying the start by three hours or so for a seventh.

The best option would be for an eager Weasel to step forward to round out this board, but three already have. Five drops may be more than our club can handle. If you can play, please call or email Dan immediately.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Update: The neighbor has agreed to play!

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