Buffalo wins Tempest, Yeargin the presumptive Grand Prix Champ

Andy "Buffalo" Bartalone won Tempest in a Teapot for the second year in a row to move into second place in the Grand Prix. He and leader Peter Yeargin both will be playing at Carnage next month, the circuit’s final event. However, Yeargin carries a virtually insurmountable 158-point lead.

Buffalo, like Yeargin, has already scored four events. His lowest score is 16.21, at Weasel Moot last month. In order to catch Yeargin, he’d have to score 180 points at Carnage while Yeargin scored less than 71. (Yeargin’s low score is 64.8, at the CODCon Open.) Carnage has never fielded more than nine boards, so it looks like this year’s event will be a victory lap for Yeargin.

Yeargin will be the Windy City Weasels’ second Grand Prix champion. The first, Jim O’Kelley in 2006, also took his victory lap at Carnage.

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