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Help Kevin O’Kelly meet his fundraising goal for Juvenile Diabetes!

As Diplomacy players, we’re always jumping at opportunities to screw each other over. Off the board, we’re equally eager to help each other out.

When Ted McClelland publishes a book about young Mr. Obama, we  buy it. When Matt Sundstrom’s band plays a fest, we go. When Nate Cockerill does standup, we’ll watch…if he ever tells us about it.

On Sunday, Kevin O’Kelly is walking to cure Diabetes. Many of you may not know that he’s lived with Diabetes for 25 years. His fundraising goal is $1,500, and as of today, he’s $365 short. If you’re able, please take a moment to visit his fundraising website and make a donation. Any amount will help.

Next time we’re on a board with Kevin, we’ll jump at the chance to stab the crap out of him. Today, we have an opportunity to support him. We should jump at that chance, too.


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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    The War Weasel speaks.

    Speaking of Ted McClelland, he has a book signing Oct. 21 at the Book Cellar in Lincoln Square. That’s the same night as our Guthrie’s game. If the timing works out, I’d like to hit the book signing first.

    The War Weasel has spoken.

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