Season 6 league games to be played under Sum of Squares system

As last night’s meeting, the Sneak voted to adopt the Sum of Squares scoring system for our sixth season’s league games. Note that Weasel Moot IV will use the Modified Whipping system. No word yet on which system will be used at the 2011 CODCon Open.

Sum of Squares is what’s called a divide-and-conquer system, meaning that in order to maximize their score, players have to not only conquer lots of centers, but also divide the rest evenly between the other players. The points are awarded like this:

For games ending in solos, the soloist will score 100 points. All other players will receive 0 points.

All other games will be scored as follows:

  1. The total of scores from a drawn game is 100 points. Those points will be awarded to the players according to their share of the board value.
  2. To determine each player’s points, first their individual score is calculated by squaring the number of supply centers he owns. (For example, 5 centers = 25, 15 centers = 225.)
  3. Then the total value of the board is calculated by adding all players’ individual scores on that board.
  4. Finally each player is awarded a percentage share of the 100 points equal to his percentage share of the overall board value.

As a mathematical formula this means to determine player 1’s points:

First, calculate player 1’s individual score (P1):
P1 = (Number of supply centers) * (number of supply centers)
Then, calculate the board value as the sum of individual scores of all players (S)
S = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4 + P5 + P6 + P7
Finally, Pro-rate the score, so that the value of the game is 100:
Points for player 1 = 100 * (P1 / S)

The House Rules have been updated to reflect this change and include examples.


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