Davis rises to power in bloodless coup

At last night’s meeting at the Goose Island Brewery in Chicago, the new Sneak elected officers for the 2010-11 year. The new Prime Weasel is Christopher M. Davis. Long live the Prime Weasel.

As our Prime, Davis is responsible
for representing the Weasels to the public and in all matters before the Hobby. He will also be our representative to the NADF. In addition, he’s responsible for establishing our 2011 club goals, scheduling and chairing Sneak meetings and the annual club business meeting at the Moot, and ensuring that the other Sneak and committee members fulfill their duties.

Davis’ righthand man and the new Sub-Prime Weasel is Dan Burgess. As Sub-Prime, Burgess is second in command of the club. He’s responsible for maintaning our bylaws (soon to be approved by the Sneak) and charter, getting the effort to incorporate back on track, and organizing our membership initiatives.

Peter Yeargin will serve as the Chief of Public Information, a.k.a. the Propaganda Weasel. He’ll be responsible for administering the website, recruiting regular content contributors, ensuring that the Weekly Weasel is published in a timely fashion, creating and maintaining a cause page on Facebook, and chairing the Information Committee.

Christian MacDonald will continue to serve as the Treasurer, a.k.a. the Money Weasel, a.k.a. The Chief Financial Weasel. He’ll be responsible for developing the 2011 budget, which he’ll do based on the club’s goals for paid membership, and maintaining our financial records.

Finally, our new Minister of War (a.k.a. the War Weasel) is the deposed former Prime, Jim O’Kelley. The War Weasel is responsible for organizing our tournaments and official club games, maintaining a rolling calendar of games, maintaining our records of games played, and reporting game results to the World Diplomacy Database. Most important, the War Weasel is responsible for declaring and managing the club’s blood feuds. O’Kelley promises to wield this last power responsibly.

The new Sneak looks forward to serving you in the coming year.

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  1. Greg Duenow

    looks like a good division of power.

    but what comes of outstanding blood feuds?

  2. Christopher Michael Davis

    Our previous war weasel did not exercise the power of declaring any blood feuds. I am sure we will address that with the new administration.

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