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Seven men enter, one man leaves

This Saturday, we’re going to turn Dan Burgess’ home in Downers Grove into, well, as close to a post-apocalyptic arena as we can legally get. That’s right, Dan’s home is going to be a veritable Thunderdome of pure Diplomacy fun.

It all starts at 11 a.m. with the power selection for our third annual Weasel Royale league championship game, which will put an exclamation point on our outstanding fifth season of Windy City Weasels Diplomacy. In reverse seed order, our seven competitors will determine the power selection order. With the order determined, the players will then choose their positions, with each getting 30 seconds to make up his mind. Once the last player sits at the table, the game will commence. And it will go until someone solos or the other players unanimously concede. Only one man can be crowned our Bull Weasel for 2010.


The Royale competitors, in seed order, are:

  1. Matt Sundstrom
  2. Adam Berey
  3. Peter Yeargin
  4. Jim O’Kelley
  5. Greg Duenow
  6. Nate Cockerill
  7. Pete McNamara

Since neither the game nor Dan’s hand-craft tap system are large enough draws, we’ve again recruited an Undercard board, which will both serve as the kickoff for Season 6 and also a source of cage-rattling, dirty-faced, hide-wearing fans.

Playing on the undercard, in no particular order, are:

  1. Eric Brown
  2. Kevin O’Kelly
  3. John Gramila
  4. Josh Kanto
  5. Roland Hackler
  6. Sam Bassett
  7. Don Glass

Both Mike Morrison and Tony Prokes will be ready to step in if Sam and possibly John are called to play in the Royale.

No word yet on whether host and Royale Director Dan Burgess will live blog the game. If so, you’ll hear about it first right here at Stay tuned.

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