Weasel Moot IV Attendees

The following players have indicated that they’ll be playing in at least one round at Weasel Moot IV, Sept. 24-26 at the Quality Inn in Burr Ridge, 300 S Frontage Road. If you’re not on this list and intend to play, please either comment below or email weaselmoot@gmail.com. Conversely, if you’re on the list but your plans have changed, let us know that, too.

* Denotes that the player has preregistered. You can preregister here. (And be sure to check out these helpful tips for attendees.)

  1. Aash Anand*
  2. Adam Silverman*
  3. Alex Amann*
  4. Amanda Baumgartner*
  5. Andy Bartalone*
  6. Chris Glassburn*
  7. Christian Kline
  8. Christian MacDonald*
  9. Christian Pedone
  10. Christina Mandarino
  11. Christopher M. Davis
  12. Conrad Woodring
  13. Dan Burgess*
  14. Dave Faris
  15. Dave Maletsky
  16. Dirk Knemeyer*
  17. Don Glass*
  18. Eric Brown*
  19. Grant Smith
  20. Jim Dulski
  21. John Gramila
  22. Jonathan Hill*
  23. Josh Kanto
  24. Kevin O’Kelly*
  25. Matt Sundstrom
  26. Mike French*
  27. Mike Morrison
  28. Nate Cockerill
  29. Nick Rohn
  30. Paul Hagy
  31. Pete McNamara*
  32. Peter Lokken
  33. Peter Yeargin*
  34. Robert Rousse
  35. Roland Cooke*
  36. Sam Bassett
  37. Ted McClelland
  38. Tim Yanok*
  39. Todd Woodman*
  40. Tony Prokes
  41. Tyler Mollenkopf

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    We’re still have almost three weeks to go, and we’re already at 30 confirmed attendees for the Moot. Nine of those are travelers, which is great. So far, we’ve drawn two from Boston, two from D.C., two from Houston, and one each from the Bay Area, Ohio and Philadelphia. Four of the travelers will be Mooting for the first time.

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