Weasels win bid for 2012 WDC!

It’s not exactly the Olympics, but in 2012, Chicago will host the World Diplomacy Championship!

At the 2010 installment on Aug. 20 in the Hague, Peter Yeargin, newly elected to the Sneak, presented the Weasels’ bid to host the 2012 WDC at Weasel Moot VI. There were no rival submissions from Brazil or Japan. Ours was the only bid, and we won.

The WDC at Weasel Moot VI will be a four- or five-round tournament in June, August or September of 2012. The tournament will feature a central clock, drop-dead timing, a center-based scoring system (probably our Modified Whipping system), and a top board in the final round to determine the world champion. Per WDC tradition, there will also be a team round.

Weasel Moot IV is just about one month way (Sept. 24-26). After that, the WDC planning will start. So far, the 2012 WDC Planning Committee includes me, Peter and Chris Davis. If you’d like to help plan and host Chicago’s first World Diplomacy Championship, please join us.

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