Inaugural Greg Duenow Club Service Award Goes to…Greg Duenow

Starting next month, the air around here will be clearer but also less colorful. That’s because our good friend Greg Duenow is moving to Ann Arbor. At the Weasel Pyle on Aug. 14, the Sneak honored Greg by naming a new club service award after him and presenting the first one to him.

Duenow was recognized for his Herculean contributions to the club during its pre-Sneak formative years (2005 to 2008). Specifically, he was cited for the following contributions.

  • Prolific player. Greg has played in 41 games, more than anyone but founder Jim O’Kelley. He was always willing to fill a board when needed.
  • Hosting. Over the years, Greg has hosted seven games. He was also the first member of the club other than the founder to step up and host a game.
  • Recruiting. Greg was always looking for new markets for players. He organized Diplomacy games at gaming conventions, contacted department heads at area universities to tout our game, and developed one of our early fliers.
  • Traveling. Greg was the first of the new Weasels to travel to Diplomacy events. His colorful personality won the hearts of players on both coasts and gave them another reason to attend our events.
  • Organizing. Greg served on the tournament committees for the first CODCon and the first Weasel Moot.
  • Website administrator. Finally, on his own initiative, Greg developed and maintained our first website.

Greg will leave for Ann Arbor at the end of this month. We expect to see him at future Weasel Moots, and inasmuch as he’s been working to rekindle the Diplomacy hobby in that region, we hope to see him down the road at a tournament there, too.

On behalf of all the Weasels, Greg, very best wishes and thanks so much for all your help.

Here’s a look at the certificate we presented to Greg, minus the matte and frame.

The Greg Duenow Club Service Award will be awarded by the Sneak as it sees fit to members who serve the club in extraordinary an exemplary fashion.

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