Burgess, Yeargin Win Sneak Seats

Candidates Dan Burgess and Peter Yeargin captured the two open seats in the Sneak election conducted at yesterday’s fifth annual Weasel Pyle in Wayne, beating out Pete McNamara and Sam Bassett. Including absentee ballots, 54 percent of the paid membership (19 of 35) voted in the election.

All the candidates ran clean campaigns — though Burgess did raise a few eyebrows with his "Vote for Dan" buttons and the keg of beer he brought to the Pyle — and even the two who fell short received multiple votes.

The new Sneak will attempt to meet before Weasel Moot to form their government for the year and set the agenda.

Thanks again to the candidates and everyone who voted.

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  1. Pete McNamara

    Dan and Peter.

    Congratulations on your well deserved election. I was impressed by your contributions to the club so far and I’m happy to know we are in good hands with you on the sneak.

    Next year I’m bringing 2 kegs to the Pyle šŸ™‚

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