And the Weasel Goes to…

The fifth annual Weasel Pyle, held Aug. 14 at Eric Brown’s home in Wayne, wrapped up our fifth season of Windy City Weasels Diplomacy. After the smoke cleared from the last of the four boards, we held our season five awards ceremony. The Weasels went to…



Best Country Awards (Must be a paid-up member.)
Austria: Greg Duenow, 135 points, Game No. 81.
England: John Gramila, 207 points, Game No. 102.
France: Jim O’Kelley, 200 points, Game No. 97.
Germany: Pete McNamara, 183 points, Game No. 78.
Italy: Peter Yeargin, 200 points, Game No. 97.
Russia: Adam Berey, 450 points, Game No. 77.
Turkey: Matt Sundstrom, 450 points, Game No. 99.
Rookie of the Year: Amanda Baumgartner
Amanda joined the club in October, playing for the first time with us in the fateful Game No. 77. She had played a few times in high school, but not since, and as a recent college graduate, she was looking for a social outlet. Game No. 77 was Adam Berey’s solo, and Amanda was one of the players on the board in the end.
Undaunted by her inauspicious beginning with the club, she signed on for 10 additional games, posting a few strong results and gradually working her way into the Royale conversation.
For the Awards Committee, her arc as a player is the archetype for a Rookie of the Year. We look forward to her continued growth as a player…though hopefully not at our expense!
Weasel of the Year: Matt Sundstrom
Speaking of archetypes, Matt sealed his second Weasel of the Year award with a solo in his own den in Game No. 99.
Season five started slowly for Matt, with an elimination in his first game and a mediocre four-center Turkey in his second. But it didn’t take him long to find his stride. He topped his next three boards with back-to-back 13-center performances as France and a 10-center Germany.
In all, Matt topped five of his 11 boards, including the club’s sixth solo. By any measure, he’s our Weasel of the Year.

The Den of Records has been updated to reflect these awards.

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