Getting there is half the fun: Weasel Pyle Directions

This message is posted on behalf of Weasel Pyle host Eric Brown.

Take note: due to road closures and other issues, you may need to take a different route this year.

I recommend that no matter where you are coming from, come to our home by way of a certain waypoint along your journey, namely the intersection of IL 59 (Sutton Rd) and Army Trail Rd. IL- 59 runs north and south and can be reached along I-90 in the north (head south on 59) and I-88 in the south (head north on 59). Alternately, Army Trail can be picked up off I-355 just south of its merge into I-290 (in which case head west on Army Trail).

The reasons I suggest that all routes pass through this way point is that Mapquest will likely send many of you through the closed IL-25/Dunham Rd interchange (massive road construction which has an EIGHT MILE detour) or at least past the Equestrian Center north of me along Dunham Rd which is hosting a massive equestrian event that will ensure choked roads and police traffic management.

From the prescribed waypoint, head west on Army Trail until you reach the traffic light at Dunham Rd, head north about 1 mile, but in any case right before the rail road tracks turn left into the “North Country” development on its road, Brewster Creek Circle. Pass the landscape island and turn left onto subtly-marked Ashley Lane. Take this to the very end–warning there are four speed bumps.

Park on rd, preferably western or southern edge, ON THE PAVEMENT. A common impulse is to pull off onto the grass a bit to be considerate to those passing by, but this instead greatly disturbs my otherwise very congenial neighbor.

Our phone is 630-497-9350.

Street address is 33W590 Ashley Lane, Wayne, IL 60184. 11 AM.

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