Meet the Sneak Candidates

For the second straight year, we’ll have a contested election for the open spots on the Sneak. And once again, the paid-up Weasels are faced with a difficult decision. We have four great candidates for only two open seats. Each seat is for two years.

Absentee balloting is now open and will remain so until 11:59 p.m. on Aug. 13. We encourage paid-up Weasels who will be attending the Weasel Pyle on Aug. 14 to cast a paper ballot there. But if you won’t be attending, then feel free to email your vote for up to two candidates to me at I am serving as the clerk of election, and I will keep all votes confidential. I’ll only announce the winners at the Pyle. The actual vote count, I’ll take with me to my grave. … Unless I’m overserved at the Pyle.

If you’re not a paid-up Weasel but would like to participate in the election process, then get $25 to me or Christian MacDonald before the start of play at the Weasel Pyle. (Reminder: you must also pay your dues before the start of play at the Pyle if you wish to be eligible for club awards and the Weasel Royale.)

And now, the Candidates. I’ll present them in alphabetical order, by last name. Remember, you may vote for zero, one or two of them. The two Weasels who garner the most votes will win the election. If there is a tie, we will hold a run-off election.



Sam Bassett. Sam joined the club in July 2009. Here is his candidacy statement.
Beyond offering to convoy CON-StP, I am willing to provide a dedication to expanding the Weasels organization.  I believe that in the next two years, our club can host 100 players, a North American championship, and expand our footprint to various venues within the Chicagoland area.  I am willing to provide the time and effort to attain these goals. 
Dan Burgess. Dan is one of the founding Weasels, meaning he played in game No. 1. Here is his candidacy statement.
Being the most active host in the most active Diplomacy club in the world, most of you already know who I am, and many of you have been to my house.  I totally enjoy hosting games.
I am running for the Sneak not on a platform of change, but on one of continuation. In five short years this club has grown from an idea in our founder’s head into a handsome den of boardgaming activity, and if elected to the Sneak, I will work to continue that growth.
If elected, in addition to continuing the club’s expansion, I pledge to host several Diplomacy games per year and provide snacks and beer to all players and guests during the games.  (Oh wait, I already do that.)
Vote Dan Burgess for the Sneak.  Because you care.
Pete McNamara. Pete played at Weasel Moot II in November 2008 and officially joined the club by playing in his first club game a month later. Here is his candidacy statement.
My first game of diplomacy ever was at Weasel Moot II in 2008.  I had never played the game and had only read the rules a couple of times.  I was lucky enough to meet Jim somehow and then get a Diplomacy primer from Legend Edi Birsan.  I had a lot of fun playing the game the first time.
Since that time, I’ve continued to enjoy playing Diplomacy, but more importantly I’ve grown to really enjoy playing Diplomacy with the people of the Windy City Weasels.  We may be Weasels, but we’re good people and fun to hang around with.  I even convinced my wife to let 6 of you into our house for a game once and she is still married to me today.
My goal in seeking election is simple:  I want to help continue the great foundation that’s been put together by the team to help us continue to have a club that promotes Diplomacy and also fun and fellowship.
I feel that I bring a good perspective of someone who 2 years ago had zero diplomacy experience and knew nobody in the club to someone who was ‘successfully activated’ into membership.   Given my own course, I am particularly interested in helping new and novice players become more activated (it can be intimidating).  But really, I know there are many things that can be done and I am happy to give effort where asked.
Even if I am not selected, I am happy and proud to be a member of the Windy City Weasels and will look to help where I can.  Thank you for your consideration.
Peter Yeargin. Peter joined the club in January 2009. Here is his candidacy statement.
This year, I have decided to put my name forward for Sneak candidacy.
My experience with the Weasels began eighteen months ago with a club
game at Jim’s house and it’s been a great time all around for me ever
since.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of the members of the club
and also becoming close friends with several of you.
I believe I have good experience and ideas that I can bring to the
table in the role of a Sneak member.  I have hosted two house games in
the last year at my home and also played in 25-30 other club games
since I joined the Weasels.  I also participated in last year’s Weasel
Royale as well as the 2009 and 2010 CODCon and the 2009 Weasel Moot
III tournaments.  I’ve also traveled to several tournaments in the
last year, including World’s @Origins, DipCon 2010, Tempest, DixieCon
and HuskyCon.  It’s amazing the experiences and the knowledge in
general about the hobby that comes from even a single travel
tournament experience.  Through these tournaments, I’ve been able to
establish many new relationships with others in the hobby that are not
local to the Chicago area, and I believe I will be able to leverage
those relationships to come up with new ideas that not only help the
Chicago hobby and Weasel’s club specifically, but also the entire
hobby in general across North America.
In October and November of 2009, I spent several weeks designing,
creating and deploying the Weasels’ website that has become a thriving
location for the dissemination of club information and I continue to
administer the website and provide updates based on suggestions and
necessities as identified by the current serving Sneak.  Conrad
Woodring has also asked me to help deploy and manage the new website
that is currently live and in its infancy stages for the North
American Diplomacy Federation (NADF).
As a 2010 Sneak member, I would like to work with the rest of the
board to develop and finalize our bid for WDC 2012 and hopefully
prepare for that if we are selected to host the tournament.  In
addition, I would like to work towards making the club stronger and
more active than it already is and also advertise the Chicago hobby as
much as possible to draw new players into the fold via print, web and

Good luck to all of you, and thanks for tossing your hats in the ring!

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Just a couple of reminders and a note.

    1) You may vote for up to two of the candidates.

    2) Candidates do not run, and the membership does not vote, for specific offices on the Sneak. The paid-up membership votes for people to serve on the Sneak. It is up to the five members of the Sneak to form their government for the year.

    3) Can’t remember whether you’re a paid-up member? Don’t worry, I’ll follow up with an email to the paid membership tonight.

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