Husky Mushes Yeargin into Grand Prix Lead

(Look at that headline. God damn, I’m good.)

Peter Yeargin’s victory at HuskyCon gave him 170 Grand Prix points and a commanding lead over Steve Cooley, the Massacre champion, 337.56 points to 262.58. Yeargin is the second Weasel to hold the lead this year, following Christopher M. Davis who lead for a week on the strength of his CODCon championship.

For the top 10 Grand Prix contenders, check out the new NADF website.

Next up in the Grand Prix is Conquest in the Bay Area, Sept. 3-6, followed by Weasel Moot, Sept. 24-26; the Buckeye Game Fest in Columbus, Ohio; Oct. 1-3; and Tempest in a Teapot in D.C., Oct. 15 to 17. The 2010 Grand Prix will end at Carnage in Fairlee, Vt., Nov. 5-7.

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  1. conrad woodring

    Congrats Peter! Solos sure seem to happen a lot on Jon Hill’s boards. I was a little dissapointed only one weasel came, but apparently that’s all it takes to claim a tournament.

    – Conrad

    PS Peter, you must beat out Adam, in the grand prix!

  2. Jim O'Kelley

    [quote]I was a little dissapointed only one weasel came[/quote]
    Have you figured out how many people your family’s home can handle before it falls into the sea? You have to be getting close.

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