Seeking Sneak Candidates

At the Weasel Pyle on Aug. 14, we will hold an election to fill two two-year terms on the Sneak. The two-year terms of Kevin O’Kelly and Jeremiah Peterson are expiring. Neither one will seek reelection.

We are now accepting self-nominations. If you’re interested in serving, please email me at by July 31.

All paid-up members are eligible to serve and also to vote. Members can cast their ballots at the Pyle on Aug. 14. If you will not be at the Weasel Pyle, you will have an opportunity to submit an absentee ballot via email beginning Aug. 1.

I will serve as the clerk of election.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Someone asked which positions on the Sneak are opening up. It’s a question I’ve been asked before, so I’ll answer it here for clarity’s sake. Candidates run for the Sneak, not for specific offices. At the Sneak’s first meeting after the election, the five members form the government for the year, deciding who will be the Prime, the Sub-Prime, the War Weasel, etc. That’s how it works.

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