HuskyCon Opens with Six Boards

HuskyCon opened last night at the Woodring home on Long Island Sound with six boards. Peter Yeargin is the lone representative from the Weasels.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    I heard from Peter last night. He was eliminated in the first round but scored a 14-center board top as Turkey in the second.

  2. Jim O'Kelley

    This just in: Peter won Husky. Wahoo!

  3. Peter Yeargin

    Great tournament experience and atmosphere at the Woodrings’ home in Long Island. Jim is always harping on how much fun the weekend is out there and he was definitely right on. Graham ran a great tournament, the Woodrings’ were stuffing us with food the entire weekend, and had a ton of fun just hanging out with folks.

    I was able to Solo with Italy in the final round on Sunday to win the tournament. My final board had Randy Lawrence Hurt, Jonathan Hill and Don Woodring in Germany, Russia and Turkey, respectively. There were definitely some fun personality conflicts throughout the final game!

    I’ll write up a larger recap this week and get it posted to the Weasels Website.

  4. Matt Sundstrom

    Fantastic! This should put Peter on top of the Grand Prix?

  5. Christopher Michael Davis

    Awesome! Way to go, Peter!

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