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Cooley Wins Massacre, Takes Grand Prix Lead

Steve Cooley won the Boston Massacre, which was held June 26-27 in Cambridge. He played in only two of the three rounds but posted a board top and the only solo of the weekend to win the seven-board event and take the Grand Prix lead from Adam Sigal.

No word yet who won Origins in Columbus, Ohio, which was held June 24-26.

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Thom Comstock

    congrats to Steve.

    I’ve played Diplomacy and other games at Tempest with Steve, and I think Dixiecon (can’t quite remember).

    Obviously a great player.

  2. Greg Duenow

    He’s real ornery too. I betcha he hates puppies.

  3. Jim O'Kelley

    Grand Prix’ top 25 through Massacre:

    Player SumOfScore CountOfID
    Steve Cooley 262.58 4
    Adam Sigal 199.60 2
    Graham Woodring 186.35 3
    Peter Yeargin 167.56 3
    Eric Mead 160.00 1
    Tom Kobrin 157.53 2
    Chris Brand 144.00 1
    Don Williams 104.98 1
    Daniel Byars 94.48 1
    Edi Birsan 85.03 1
    Christian Pedone 83.82 2
    Doug Moore 81.00 1
    Peter McNamara 80.79 2
    Jim O’Kelley 80.73 2
    Christopher M. Davis 80.00 1
    Andy Bartalone 73.23 2
    Thom Comstock 72.00 1
    Rob Vollman 68.87 1
    Carl Ellis 65.74 2
    Chris Martin 65.61 1
    Randy Lawrence-Hurt 63.00 1
    Matt Shields 61.99 1
    Andrew Bartlein 58.32 1
    Melissa Call 57.25 2
    Richard Bliss 55.79 1

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