Grand Prix is busting out all over!

The fifth and sixth steps of the 2010 NADF Grand Prix will take place this weekend in Columbus, Ohio, and Cambridge, Mass.

Host site of last year’s world championship, the Origins Game Fair’s Diplomacy tournament will start tomorrow night and run through Saturday night, with one round each evening. Origins is also the second step of the Central Shuffle minor circuit. For more information about Origins, contact Dan Mathias at

The Boston Massacre opens Friday evening with a barbecue. The tournament starts Saturday morning. There will be two rounds on Saturday and one on Sunday. Massacre is also the second step of the minor Nor’Easter circuit. For more information about Massacre, contact Alex Amann at

If you’re playing in either event, good luck! Meanwhile, here are the Grand Prix’ top 10 players through the first four events (Temple, CODCon, Whipping and Dixie).

Place Player Score Events Scored
1 Adam SIGAL 199.60 2
2 Steve Cooley 192.58 3
3 Peter Yeargin 167.56 3
4 Eric Mead 160.00 1
5 Tom Kobrin 157.53 2
6 Chris Brand 144.00 1
7 Graham Woodring 129.65 2
8 Don Williams 104.98 1
9 Daniel Byars 94.48 1
10 Edi Birsan 85.03 1

Each player may score up to four events. For the winner, an event is worth 10 points per board in the three largest rounds. Each subsequent place scores 90 percent of the previous place, down to a minimum of 5 points just for showing up, 10 if it’s a DipCon.

Next up on the Grand Prix Circuit:
HuskyCon in Long Island, July 9 to 11: Contact Conrad Woodring at

Jim O’Kelley, Administrator
2010 NADF Grand Prix


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