100th Game Celebration, another House Game on Tap for June

May was a great month for the Weasels. We played three house games and capped it off with outstanding tournament performances on both coasts by Peter Yeargin (second place at Dixie) and Adam Berey (first place at KublaCon).

June also promises to be an active month. We’ll start things off with our 100th game celebration at Guthrie’s Tavern on June 10. We’re hoping for three boards. Check out the Current Games Signup List or the Meetup event and sign up.

On June 12, Sam Bassett will host another house game. That one is full, but we can always use standbys.

The rest of the month will be quiet for the Weasels, but there are two Grand Prix-eligible tournaments the weekend of June 26. I’ve heard Greg Duenow, Don Glass and Sam Bassett all mention the possibility of attending Origins, which will be June 24 to 26 in Columbus, Ohio.

The Boston Massacre will be June 26 to 27. Who wants to represent the Weasels? New England sent three players to Weasel Moot.

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