The Polls Are Open: DipCon 2011 Voting

DipCon 2011 Voting
Bids are in for the 2011 DipCon, and it’s time to make your voice heard. To make things easy, just email your vote to You have until June 13 2359ET to cast your vote. The only qualified bid is Carnage XIV []. Your voting options are:

1) Carnage XIV
2) Reject bids and start over
3) Present (abstain)
Eligible voters are all Diplomacy players who attended two (2) Grand Prix events in the 12 months ending at the 2010 DipCon. The qualifying events are:
2009 CODCon Open
2009 Whipping
2009 DixieCon
2009 Boston Massacre
2009 Origins
2009 HuskyCon
2009 Weasel Moot
2009 Tempest
2009 Carnage
2010 TempleCon
2010 CODCon Open
2010 Whipping
If you attended any two (2) of these events, then your vote for DipCon 2011 counts. Please note in your vote which events you have attended.
DipCon Committee notes on Carnage: Carnage is a long-running and stable tournament site, with a good history and no issues with rule-sets or tournament structure.  It is also part of a larger gaming tournament.  The only area of concern to the Committee is that the event site is a hotel that commonly sells out well in advance of the event, and alternate hotels can be a significant distance away. To address this concern, the Carnage Diplomacy staff assures us that there are generally enough cancellations to allow late booking, and that they have a number of other strategies for guaranteeing space for travelers, including extra reserved rooms and/or a rental house within walking distance of the site.
Thank You,
DipCon Committee

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Note that we had three events in the eligible period, so quite a few Weasels are eligible to vote. You should do so, even if only to vote present.

    I will cast my vote for Carnage, which I attended in 2006, my Grand Prix year. It’s not an easy venue to get to. Jeremiah and I flew into Manchester, N.H.; rented an SUV with Buffalo, Maletsky and Graham Woodring; and drove the two hours or so to Fairlee, Vt. But once we got there, we had an outstanding time. The venue is definitely worth the trek. If you go to Carnage for the 2011 DipCon, you’ll have a great time.

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