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Grand Prix Hopes Live and Die at Dixie

What do the four most recent Grand Prix champions — Adam Sigal, Thomas Haver, Doug Moore and Jim O’Kelley — have in common? No, it’s not their roguish good looks, their lush heads of hair, or even that they like to talk about themselves in the third person. Those four also happen to be the four most recent DixieCon champions.

This weekend, DixieCon will once again be a key Grand Prix battleground as hopefuls from the East Coast and the Midwest descend on Chapel Hill for the fourth leg of the circuit. Steve Cooley (third place, 153.84 points) of New England is the only one of the current top five expected to play at Dixie, but Chicago’s Peter Yeargin (ninth place, 77.56 points) and North Carolina’s Tom Kobrin (10th place, 76.53 points) will also be there. Former Grand Prix champions O’Kelley, Moore, Chris Martin and Andy "Buffalo" Bartalone have also signed on, as have perennial contenders Dave Maletsky and Graham Woodring. Throw in Rick Desper, one of four former North American champions expected to play (along with Kobrin, Martin and Moore), and it should be a hard-fought tournament.

The players are again chasing New York’s Adam Sigal, who leads the Grand Prix with 199.6 points. DipCon champion Eric Mead of Seattle is second with 160 points; Chris Brand of Vancouver, fourth at 144; and Don Williams of California, fifth at 104.98.

Four weeks after Dixie, the competition will pick up again with Origins in Columbus, Ohio, (June 24 to 26) and the Boston Massacre in Cambridge, Massachusetts (June 26 to 27). Then it’s on to HuskyCon in Long Island, July 8 to 10. Husky long has been one of the hobby’s favorite tournaments, but in recent years, it also has become one of the circuit’s largest Grand Prix purses.

But no tournament has been more significant than Dixie. Hope to see you there.

Jim O’Kelley, Administrator
2010 NADF Grand Prix

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  1. Greg Duenow

    heard yeargin got a 16 center Austria last night!

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