Local Diplomat wins 2010 CODCon Title

After three stellar rounds and eight boards of Diplomacy over the past two days, the 2010 CODCon Open Tournament was settled today after two more boards finished around 3:30.  The two soloists ran into a rough road today as the rest of the field tried to catch up.  But it wasn’t enough.

Christopher M. Davis took this year’s title with a draw in round one and one of the English solos in round two.  Thom Comstock took second place with his solo and Peter Yeargin took third place with a strong Best France on Saturday and another good round today.

The rest of the top board, in random order, includes three of our out-of-state travelers: Andrew Bartlein, Grant Smith, and Mike French and our own Jim O’Kelley.  Tony Prokes finished tied for seventh but lost out on the top board due to the tie-breaker.  Congratulations to all of our prize winners for excellent Diplomacy play over the weekend.

The full results will be posted early this week.  I encourage everyone who played to post a few comments to the site and share some of the experiences you had.  I was extremely pleased to have been the TD for a tournament that ran so smoothly.  Most games started on time, there were no complaints about timing or rules and we had the most boards at COD that we have had since our first 4 years ago.  

Thanks to all that attended.  The countdown is on to CODCon 2011 a year from now.




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  1. Christian MacDonald

    Congratulations DR. Davis!

  2. Greg Duenow

    wow the doctor is on a roll.

    who got best England?

  3. Mike Morrison

    I regret my outburst Saturday night, and apologize to all who were offended.

  4. Greg Duenow

    I wasn’t offended. Anyone who was is lilly livered.


  5. Jim O'Kelley

    You call [i]that [/i]an outburst?

  6. Jim O'Kelley

    Results are up. Thom got Best England.

  7. Christopher Michael Davis

    Yeah, that was not much of an outburst. The deciding moves by polling the other players and flipping a coin are interesting strategies, though.

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