Madness is Contagious!

March Madness tipped off last weekend with regional action in Chicago, Houston and D.C.
Chicago got the ball rolling last Saturday at 9 a.m. Central. Seven Weasels gathered for a taut game that ended in Fall 1910 in a four-way draw. Sam Bassett topped the board as England with 15 centers.
Houston joined the action at 2 p.m. Conrad Woodring celebrated his birthday with six friends by playing Diplomacy at his home in Beaumont. The witches had their way. In a game that ended after Fall 1906, Bryan Arensman’s Turkey topped the board with 11 centers; Conrad’s England was second with 10.
The Potomac Tea & Knife Society played two games on Sunday with 11 players participating. The group had so much fun that they gathered again for another game with quick deadlines on Wednesday night.
The PTKSers and the Weasels will be playing again today. Joe and Lori Wheeler are hosting the PTKS game, and they’ve encouraged players to outfit themselves in the gear of their favorite ACC team. Dan Burgess will be hosting in Chicago, and the Diplomacy game is expected to blend gently into Hockey Night in Canada. Burgess is a Canucks fan. 

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    With one March Madness event remaining, we’ve fielded four boards with 26 players participating. That includes seven new players and one reactivated player.

  2. Jim O'Kelley

    Unofficially, here are our March numbers:

    * Six boards.
    * 30 players.
    * Seven different shared or outright board-toppers.
    * Two two-board sessions.
    * Five first-time players.
    * Eight new club members.
    * One reactivated member.
    * Five paid-up Weasels.

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