Countdown to CODCon 2010 – April 10-11, 2010

Exactly one month from now, maybe at this exact moment, you may be looking at
your board at the third round of CODCon on Sunday morning. It’s Fall 1903 and
you are preparing your stab on your ally and tournament co-leader. They don’t
suspect a thing. But why not, you ask?

Over the first two rounds, 6 boards have already been played. You’ve managed to
pull off two good scores, and almost solo’ed in round 2. Your ally in round 3
managed to slow you down enough in round 2, preventing you from the solo, and
now it’s time for them to pay. You’re ready to pull ahead of everyone in the
tournament for good. You hear the timer expire, everyone is throwing in the
booklets and the sweat begins to form on your brow. The first couple sets of
orders are read, including the orders of your unsuspecting ally. WOW! You
can’t believe they left open a home center and another neutral center. This is
too good to be true…

UNLESS you do not sign up for CODCon 2010.

CODCon is a great gaming festival in the western suburbs. It’s about 30-40
minutes from downtown and there is housing nearby if needed. Check-in time on
Saturday April 10th is at 9am, with another round to be played that evening.
Side gaming will be going on all weekend, both during the rounds if you are
eliminated early and after the rounds. Lunch on Saturday is usually had at
Alfie’s, the greatest burger joint this side of the Mississippi (I don’t know
that to be true, but I like that phrase).

For any questions or to sign-up, please feel free to email me [kodiplomacy at
gmail(dot)com], go to our Meetup CODCon Page or post back to this
message. We look forward to seeing you in Glen Ellyn at the College of DuPage
on Saturday and Sunday April 10th-April 11th.


Kevin O’Kelly
2010 CODCon Tournament Director

P.S. Make sure to read the tournament rules before the start of the games. The
rules are posted at in the Files section.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Great post!

    Here’s a look at our attendee list to date:

    [list][*]Amanda Baumgartner
    [*]Andrew Bartlein
    [*]Christian Kline
    [*]Christopher M. Davis
    [*]Dan Burgess
    [*]Don Glass
    [*]Eric Brown
    [*]Grant Smith
    [*]Greg Duenow
    [*]James Barr
    [*]Jim O’Kelley
    [*]May Ling Chong
    [*]Mike Morrison
    [*]Paul Pignotti
    [*]Peter Yeargin
    [*]Ray Setzer
    [*]Scott Yahne
    [*]Ted McClelland
    [*]Thom Comstock
    [*]Tony Prokes[/list]

    Who else is in?

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