February is for Stabbers

We followed up a five-board January with two house games in February. Thirteen players participated, including two who were playing with us for the first time since June 2008.

We’ve now had 30 different players in our seven 2010 games. Five of those 30 were playing with us for the first time, and one of them played his second game in February.

Of our 2010 membership goals, I expected the seven reactivated members to be the most difficult to achieve, but we’ve already reactivated three, and two more are signed up for the March 20 game.

Speaking of that, we’re working hard to fill a second board on March 20. If you’re interested, speak up. The March 20 event will take place at Thom Comstock’s place in Oak Park. We also have room for Dan Burgess’ game on March 13 in Downers Grove. Dan’s games are always fun, thank in equal parts to his hospitality, chili and hand-craft beer. Don’t miss out!

We may open a Guthrie’s game in March as well. Stay tuned.

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