Help the NADF Reclaim March!

March didn’t always belong to basketball. There was a time when the month belonged to our pastime. March was once known best for a backstab.

On March 15 in 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back, face, ribs and 32 other places by his closest friends and advisers.

This March, the North American Diplomacy Federation wants to re-create that scene in bars and living rooms all over the continent. We need your help. We urge your group to hold at least one Diplomacy game in March, and preferably more. In Chicago, the Windy City Weasels will take a stab at four boards, possibly five. We expect our friends in D.C., the Potomac Tea & Knife Society, to equal that.

Et tu?

Grab a knife and join the fun. Together, we can reclaim March for backstabbing! Sign up for a March game here!

Jim O’Kelley, Chicago Representative
North American Diplomacy Federation

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  1. Thom Comstock

    It will be pretty humiliating if the Weasels who started this challenge don’t have a great showing. šŸ˜„

    Sign up.

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