Den of Records

This article is the closest thing we have to a Hall of Fame, or a Den of Records, to keep with the Weasel theme.

League Play:
Game No. 5, March 12, 2006: Marc Peters, Turkey
Game No. 8, August 12, 2006: Christian Kline, England
Game No. 15, January 6, 2007: Jim O’Kelley, England
Game No. 17, February 10, 2007: Eric Brown, Turkey
Game No. 77, October 25, 2009: Adam Berey, Russia
Game No. 99, May 22, 2010: Matt Sundstrom, Turkey
Game No. 112, October 30, 2010: Peter Yeargin, Russia
Game No. 143, July 3, 2011: John Gramila, England
Game No. 222, September 25, 2013: Nate Cockerill, England (The Mythical Bar Game Solo!)
Game No. 374, August 12, 2018: Brandon Fogel, Austria

Tournament Play:
2007 CODCon Open, April 14, 2007, Round 2, Board 3: Mike French, Germany
Weasel Moot I, June 10, 2007, Round 2, Board 2: Chris Martin, Italy
Weasel Moot I, June 10, 2007, Round 2, Board 4: Edi Birsan, Turkey
Weasel Moot III, September 19, 2009, Round 3, Board 1: Matt Sundstrom, Turkey
2010 CODCon Open, April 10, 2010, Round 1, Board 3: Thom Comstock, England
2010 CODCon Open, April 10, 2010, Round 2, Board 2: Christopher M. Davis, England
Weasel Moot V, September 9, 2011, Round 1, Board 3: John Gramila, Turkey
2012 CODCon Open, April 21, 2012, Round 2, Board 1: Matt Sundstrom, Turkey
WDC at Weasel Moot VI, August 10, 2012, Round 2, Board 3: Peter Lokken, Germany
WDC at Weasel Moot VI, August 10, 2012, Round 2, Board 7: Robert Rousse, Germany
WDC at Weasel Moot VI, August 11, 2012, Round 3, Board 3: Matt Shields, England
WDC at Weasel Moot VI, August 11, 2012, Round 3, Board 8: Michael “Doc” Binder, France
WDC at Weasel Moot VI, August 11, 2012, Round 4, Board 9: Don Scheifler, Turkey
WDC at Weasel Moot VI, August 12, 2012, Round 5, Board 7 (the World Championship Game): Michael “Doc” Binder, France
2013 CODCon Open, April 20, 2013, Round 1, Board 2: The Australian Peter McNamara, Austria
Weasel Moot VII, June 22, 2013, Round 2, Board 1: Chris Martin, France
Weasel Moot VII, June 23, 2013, Round 3, Board 4: Jarred Potter, England
2015 CODCon Open, April 11, 2015, Round 1, Board 3: Matt Sundstrom, Turkey
Weasel Moot IX, June 13, 2015, Round 2, Board 1: The Australian Peter McNamara, Austria
WDC at Weasel Moot X, June 24, Round 1, Board 5: John Gramila, Italy
WDC at Weasel Moot X, June 24, Round 2, Board 6: Nathan Barnes, France
WDC at Weasel Moot X, June 24, Round 2, Board 9: Andrew Goff, Italy
WDC at Weasel Moot X, June 25, Round 3, Board 3: Chris Brand, Italy
WDC at Weasel Moot X, June 25, Round 3, Board 5: Doug Moore, France
2017 CODCon Open, April 9, 2017, Round 3, Board 1: Jim O’Kelley, Turkey
Weasel Moot XI, June 23, 2017, Round 1, Board 2: Mike French, Austria
2018 CODCon Open, April 15, 2018, Round 3, Board 1: Jim O’Kelley, France
Tournament Champions
2007 CODCon Open: Mike French
2008 CODCon Open: Mike French
2009 CODCon Open: Matt Sundstrom
2010 CODCon Open: Christopher M. Davis
2011 CODCon Open: Christian MacDonald
2012 CODCon Open: Matt Sundstrom
2013 CODCon Open: The Australian Peter McNamara
2014 CODCon Open: John Gramila
2015 CODCon Open: Matt Sundstrom
2016 CODCon Open: Jake Trotta
2017 CODCon Open: Jim O’Kelley
2018 CODCon Open: Jim O’Kelley

Weasel Moot I (2007): Chris Martin (Alpha Weasel alpha)
Weasel Moot II (2008): Nick Rohn (Alpha Weasel beta)
Weasel Moot III (2009): Matt Sundstrom (Alpha Weasel gamma)

Weasel Moot IV (2010): Peter Yeargin (Alpha Weasel delta)
Weasel Moot V (2011): Chris Martin (Alpha Weasel epsilon)
World Diplomacy Championship at Weasel Moot VI (2012): Michael “Doc” Binder (Alpha Weasel zeta)
Weasel Moot VII (2013): Chris Martin (Alpha Weasel eta)
Weasel Moot VIII (2014): John Gramila (Alpha Weasel theta)
Weasel Moot IX (2015): The Australian Peter McNamara (Alpha Weasel iota)
World Diplomacy Championship at Weasel Moot X (2016): Chris Brand (Alpha Weasel kappa)
Weasel Moot XI (2017): Mike French (Alpha Weasel lambda)
Weasel Moot XII (2018): Eric Grinnell (Alpha Weasel mu)
Other Tournaments:
2006 WACCon: Jim O’Kelley
2006 DixieCon: Jim O’Kelley
2008 Buckeye Game Fest: Christian MacDonald
2009 National Block Party: Jim O’Kelley
2010 KublaCon: Adam Berey
2010 HuskyCon: Peter Yeargin
2010 Buckeye Game Fest: Nick Rohn
2013 North American Diplomacy Championship at Tempest in a Teapot: Nate Cockerill
2015 Carnage Accords: Jim O’Kelley
Weasel Royale League Champions
2008 Weasel Royale: John Susoreny (6th seed, Austria)
2009 Weasel Royale: Paul Pignotti (4th seed, Turkey)
2010 Weasel Royale: Jim O’Kelley (4th seed, Russia)
2011 Weasel Royale: Peter Yeargin (1st seed, France)
2012 Weasel Royale: Nate Cockerill (4th seed, Austria)
2013 Weasel Royale: Josh Heffernan (4th seed, Germany)
2014 Weasel Royale: Matt Sundstrom (2nd seed, Turkey)
2015 Weasel Royale: Jim O’Kelley (3rd seed, Russia)
2016 Weasel Royale: Matt Sundstrom (6th seed, Turkey)
2017 Weasel Royale: Brandon Fogel (1st seed, Russia)
2018 Weasel Royale: Ali Adib (7th seed, Austria)
Bar Room Brawl Series Champions
2013 Bar Room Brawl: Jim O’Kelley (5th seed, Turkey)
2014 Bar Room Brawl: Chris Kelly (3rd seed, England)
2015 Bar Room Brawl: Chris Kelly (6th seed, Italy)
2016 Bar Room Brawl: Jake Trotta (2nd seed, Germany)
2017 Bar Room Brawl: Jake Trotta (2nd seed, Italy)
2018 Bar Room Brawl: Christian Kline (2nd seed, England)
Central Shuffle Champions
2008: Graham Woodring
2009: Matt Sundstrom
2010: Dirk Knemeyer
2011: Peter Yeargin
2012: Michael “Doc” Binder
2013: Chris Martin
2014: John Gramila
Local Grand Prix Champions
2006: Jim O’Kelley
2010: Peter Yeargin

Club Awards: Beginning in 2008-09, eligibility for all awards except Rookie of the Year was limited to paid-up members.

Weasels of the Year
2005-06: Christian Kline
2006-07: Eric Brown
2007-08: Matt Sundstrom
2008-09: Peter Yeargin
2009-10: Matt Sundstrom
2010-11: Peter Yeargin
2011-12: Jim O’Kelley
2012-13: Nate Cockerill
2013-14: Nate Cockerill
2014-15: Matt Sundstrom
2015-16: Brandon Fogel
2016-17: Brandon Fogel
2017-18: Brandon Fogel

Biggest Weasels
2005-06: Jim O’Kelley
2006-07: Eric Brown
2007-08: Christian Kline

2008-09: Discontinued

Amanda Baumgartner* Rookies of the Year
2006-07: Erica Alemdar
2007-08: Andrew Pavlis
2008-09: Ted McClelland

2009-10: Amanda Baumgartner
2010-11: Mark Weiskircher
2011-12: Carlos Otero
2012-13: Kevin O’Kelley
2013-14: Jack Sundstrom
2014-15: Ali Adib
2015-16: Jake Trotta
2016-17: Gus Spelman
2017-18: Ravi Betzig
* A former RotY, Amanda died in September 2016. The Sneak named the award after her starting with the 2016-17 season.
The Top Weasel
While we have no formal award for this, we also track the board-top leader for each season since we converted to center-based scoring in Season Four.
2008-09: Christian MacDonald and Peter Yeargin, 3.00.
2009-10: Matt Sundstrom, 5.00.
2010-11: Peter Lokken, 7.50.
2011-12: Nate Cockerill, 5.00.
2012-13: Nate Cockerill, 3.83.
2013-14: Tony Prokes, 4.83.
2014-15: Ali Adib, Brian Beck and Don Glass, 2.00.
2015-16: Brandon Fogel, 6.50.
2016-17: Jake Trotta, 5.50.
2017-18: Brandon Fogel, 4.00.
Best Recruiter
Again, no formal award for this one, but to encourage recruiting, we’ll acknowledge the top recruiters here.
2016-17: Jake Trotta, 7 new Weasels.
2017-18: Ali Adib and Mick Johnson, 3 new Weasels each.
Best Country
Each player may receive only one per year. Beginning in 2008-09, only paid-up members were eligible.
2005-06: Nick Rohn (15-center three-way draw)
2006-07: Nick Rohn (12-center three-way draw)
2007-08: Greg Duenow (12-center five-way draw)
2008-09: Matt Sundstrom (Nine centers)
2009-10: Greg Duenow (10-center board top)
2010-11: Nate Cockerill (17-center board top)
2011-12: John Gramila (11 centers)
2012-13: Brad Harrington (16-center board top)
2013-14: Mike Morrison (12-center board top)
2014-15: Christian Kline (10-center board top)
2015-16: Brian Shelden (Nine-center board top)
2016-17: Mick Johnson (14-center board top)
2017-18: Brandon Fogel (Solo)

2005-06: Christian Kline (Solo)

2006-07: Jim O’Kelley (Solo)
2007-08: Matt Sundstrom (17-center 2-way draw)
2008-09: Paul Pignotti (13-center board top)
2009-10: John Gramila (16-center board top)
2010-11: John Gramila (Solo)
2011-12: Mike Morrison (14-center board top)
2012-13: Ben DiPaola (15-center board top)
2013-14: Nate Cockerill (Solo)
2014-15: Mike Morrison (16-center board top)
2015-16: Chris Kelly (10-center board top)
2016-17: Chris Kelly (11-center second)
2017-18: Kevin O’Kelly (17-center board top)

2005-06: Eric Brown (13-center two-way draw)

2006-07: John Ritz (12-center three-way draw)
2007-08: Andrew Senner (14-center three-way draw)
2008-09: Kevin O’Kelly (10-center shared board top)
2009-10: Jim O’Kelley (17-center shared board top)
2010-11: Christopher M. Davis (12-center board top)
2011-12: Jim O’Kelley (10-center board top)
2012-13: Nate Cockerill (14-center board top)
2013-14: Jim O’Kelley (12-center board top)
2014-15: Jim O’Kelley (13-center board top)
2015-16: Christian Kline (15-center board top)
2016-17: Ali Adib (12-center board top)
2017-18: Christian Kline (11-center board top)
2005-06: Jim O’Kelley (11-center two-way draw)
2006-07: France-May Martel (11-center three-way draw)
2007-08: Paul Pignotti (Eight-center four-way draw)
2008-09: Jim O’Kelley (13-center board top)
2009-10: Pete McNamara (14-center board top)
2010-11: Jim O’Kelley (14-center board top)
2011-12: Don Glass (14-center board top)
2012-13: Matt Sundstrom (12-center board top)
2013-14: Tony Prokes (Nine-center board top)
2014-15: Matt Sundstrom (15-center board top)
2015-16: Brandon Fogel (11-center board top)
2016-17: Brandon Fogel (17-center board top)
2017-18: Matt Sundstrom (Nine-center shared board top)

2005-06: Andy Lischett (Six-center three-way draw)

2006-07: Marc Peters (Nine-center three-way draw)
2007-08: Jeremiah Peterson (Nine-center six-way draw)
2008-09: Christian MacDonald (12-center board top)
2009-10: Peter Yeargin (17-center shared board top)
2010-11: Mike Morrison (10-center board top)
2011-12: Peter Lokken (15-center board top)
2012-13: Jim O’Kelley (10-center board top)
2013-14: David St. John (17-center board top)
2014-15: Ali Adib (10-center board top)
2015-16: Jim O’Kelley (12-center board top)
2016-17: Jake Trotta (16-center board top)
2017-18: Eamon Driscoll (Nine-center shared board top)

2005-06: Dan Burgess (Three centers, voted himself out of draw)

2006-07: Thom Comstock (13-center three-way draw)
2007-08: Christian Kline (14-center four-way draw)
2008-09: Peter Yeargin (14-center board top)
2009-10: Adam Berey (Solo)
2010-11: Peter Yeargin (Solo)
2011-12: Kevin O’Kelly (16-center board top)
2012-13: Christian Kline (12-center board top)
2013-14: Matt Sundstrom (14-center board top)
2014-15: Brian Beck (Nine-center board top)
2015-16: Matt Sundstrom (12-center board top)
2016-17: Josh Heffernan (13-center board top)
2017-18: Jake Trotta (10-center board top)

2005-06: Marc Peters (Solo)

2006-07: Eric Brown (Solo)
2007-08: Jim O’Kelley (16-center three-way draw)
2008-09: Eric Brown (14-center board top)
2009-10: Matt Sundstrom (Solo)
2010-11: Peter Lokken (14-center board top)
2011-12: Carlos Otero (eight-center board top)
2012-13: Mark Weiskircher (10-center board top)
2013-14: John Gramila (13-center board top)
2014-15: Don Glass (12-center board top)
2015-16: John Gramila (10-center board top)
2016-17: Brian Shelden (14-center board top)
2017-18: Jake Langenfeld (12-center board top)
Greg Duenow Club Service Award
Aug. 14, 2010: Greg Duenow

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Greg Duenow

    2006 – 2007 Best Countries:
    A N Rohn
    E C Kline
    F E Brown
    G J O’Kelley
    I P Pignotti
    R None
    T M Peters

  2. Thom Comstock

    Once upon a time None = Comstock 😐

  3. Jim O'Kelley

    I’ve updated the Den of Records to include 2005-06 and 2006-07 Best Country finishers. However, a few notes.

    1) We didn’t actually award Best Countries plaques until the 2007-08 year, and they were only framed certificates that year.

    2) In 2008-09, we adopted the center-based Modified Whipping scoring sytem that we had been using for our tournaments. Prior to that, we used a pure draw-based system for Weasel of the Year purposes.

    3) Although we were using a draw-based system in 2007-08, the Awards Committee (me and Greg Duenow, but mostly Greg) chose to award the Best Country certificates based on center count rather than draw result.

    4) In addition, we apparently favored board tops over center counts and results. The Best Russia award in 2007-08 probably should have gone to Eric Brown, who posted a 15-center two-way draw, second on the board to Matt’s 17 centers. We gave the Best Country award to Christian Kline, who topped his board with 14 centers in a four-way draw. This may have been a result of confusion rather than methodology. Matt and Eric’s two-way happened at the Pyle, the same day as the awards ceremony. Anyway, Kline has the certificate, so there.

    5) Finally, since we were using a pure draw-based system in seasons 1 through 3, I awarded the Best Countries in 1 and 2 based on result and then center count.

  4. Jim O'Kelley

    [quote]Once upon a time None = Comstock[/quote]
    Maybe. 🙂 However, while your Best Russia did indeed come in the 2006-07 season, Greg has mistakenly labeled his list of Best Country winners. The list in his comment is from 2005-06, not 2006-07.

    He chose not to award a Best Russia because, as you can see from the newly updated Den of Records, the best Russian performance in Season 1 was a paltry 3-center survival in a two-way draw.

    Also, Greg chose to award Best Italy to Paul Pignotti’s seven-center four-way. I gave the nod to Andy Lischett, who finished with fewer centers (six) but in a smaller draw (three-way).

    For the record, I had the best Italian result in Season 1 with a 13-center three-way draw, but as noted in the Den, a player can only win one Best Country award per year, and I got Germany for my 11-center two-way.

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