Bonus Game Opening: We’re Not Here to Cause No Trouble…

We’re pleased to announce a bonus game opening for Super Bowl Sunday. Peter Yeargin will be the host at his home in Lakeview, on Sheffield between Belmont and Barry. It will start at 10 a.m. The exact address will be provided later.

Following the game, Peter will open his home to the players’ significant others for food, drinks and football fun.

Five spots remain in this bonus game, so if you want to play, sign up soon.

When: Feb. 7 at 10 a.m.
Where: Peter Yeargin’s home in Lakeview.
What: One board of Diplomacy, followed by a Super Bowl party.
1) Peter Yeargin
2) Adam Berey
3) Christian MacDonald
4) Sam Bassett
5) Greg Duenow
6) Mike Morrison
7) John Gramila

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  1. Anonymous

    If there are still spots open, I’d like to snag one…. only if I can wear my 18 jersey.

  2. Peter Yeargin

    I’ll wear mine too. You’re safe in my place.

  3. Peter Yeargin

    And btw…not just players invited. Anyone who wants to come by, I have a large TV, big living room and plenty of space. All are welcome.

  4. Greg Duenow

    Ok I’m in for this one.

    Christian I owe Belgium!

  5. Mike Morrison

    You’ll wear your what, Yeargin? Count me in, unless it’s an ostrich pant-suit. I can’t stand those things. 890 symbols left. No, 867. No, …

  6. Mike Morrison

    [quote name=”Mike Morrison”]You’ll wear your what, Yeargin? Count me in, unless it’s an ostrich pant-suit. I can’t stand those things. 890 symbols left. No, 867. No, …[/quote]

    I’m happy to report this comment no longer makes sense! [Now that I can see Sam (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) Bassett’s incomprehensible jargon!]

    –MM (the other one; NOT one to speak)

  7. Jim O'Kelley

    This game started at around 10:30 a.m. We should be able to post the results later this evening. Stay tuned…

    Austria – Sam
    England – John
    France – Peter
    Germany – Mike
    Italy – Christian
    Russia – Greg
    Turkey – Adam

  8. Jim O'Kelley

    A report will be posted shortly, but for those who can’t wait, [url][/url]. Christian MacDonald topped the board as Italy, moving into seventh place and nabbing Best Italy from Eric Brown. Peter Yeargin took second and moved back into fourth place. Watch for endgame statements.

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