Game 84 Recap: Beware of Dino

There is a great disturbance in the force.  Young Duenow has become powerful…

You read that right.  Greg Duenow topped game #84 with a methodical 15 center Turkey.  He gained one center each year from 4 in 1902 to 15 in 1913 when a three-way draw was approved.  Here’s how everyone fared.

Austria (Marty Harris): elim 1906, 6 points
England (Grant Smith): 10 centers, 110 points
France (Amanda Baumgartner): elim 1913, 13 points
Germany (Eric Brown): 9 centers, 110 points
Italy (Christian MacDonald): elim 1912, 12 points
Russia (Phil Blaetz): elim 1903, 3 points
Turkey (Greg Duenow): 15 centers, 200 points

We had seven sign up and started very close to on time.  Everyone submitted a preference list for powers and I drew them randomly as I was not playing.  First draw got their first choice, second draw got their first choice if available or their second choice.  We ended up with three people getting their first choices, one third, one fourth and two sixths.  Newcomer Phil Blaetz got Russia (his first choice) and was promptly introduced to the joy of playing Russia in this club.  Germany bounced him in Russia and England convoyed to Norway.  Phil built F: StP(nc) and therefore guaranteed that England would press the attack.  Turkey played for a juggernaut through 1902 but had to "feed on the corpse" once it was clear Russia was dead.  This would play itself out two more times for Turkey.  Phil stayed around for a long time and I hope he can get to another game soon.

EG became pretty quickly united in their attack on Russia.  IT joined forces against Austria.  Marty started well and had some help from France against Italy.  But France was convinced to turn back west and GIT took Austria from 5 to 1 from 04 to 05.  Turkey got the best of that as Italy had only Trieste once it was all done.

The west got messy when France attacked England.  Germany was trying to hold his own against IT, so the EF war didn’t swing much either way for a while.  Turkey kept growing and eventually built fleets to press an attack on Italy.  Germany joined England against France and the endgame was set.  In something Jim might like to see, EGT pressed to reduce the draw to three by eliminating the last dots of Italy and France (I should note that I took over for Italy in 1911).  France’s last fleet in Tunis would have been important to stopping a Turkish solo, but Greg waived his last build in exchange for his getting Tunis and approving the draw.

Good that we got a game together on such short notice.  The day looked open for me, so I gave it a shot.  I enjoyed hosting again and will probably do another sometime soon.


Click here to see the supply center chart.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Sounds like a fun game. I’m looking forward to playing again at Guthrie’s on the 21st!

    But I’d like to add that if you guys knew how much of a pain in the ass it is to log games into our db and Laurent’s site, you would have spared me by calling this game long before 1913!

  2. Matt Sundstrom

    Two edits…Grant got 120 points and Russia was Phil’s third choice. It will probably be his 7th in the next game.

  3. Jim O'Kelley

    [quote]France’s last fleet in Tunis would have been important to stopping a Turkish solo, but Greg waived his last build in exchange for his getting Tunis and approving the draw.[/quote]

    Was there an actual stalemate line at the end? Sounds like the board might have been pretty fluid.

  4. Thom Comstock

    Where did all the EOGS go? These established and well played ‘newer’ members aren’t submitting EOGS. Let’s get the dirt and spin.


  5. Matt Sundstrom

    There was a stalemate line without France’s unit in Tunis. I should have said I was surprised Greg managed to get it. But 15 was his limit.

  6. Jim O'Kelley

    [quote]Let’s get the dirt and spin.[/quote]

    Sigh. I can’t help myself. I’d love to see endgame statements, but leave the spin out. If you contribute an honest assessment from your perspective, it will help interested people understand what happened. But if you can’t do that, it’s better to write nothing. šŸ™‚

  7. Jim O'Kelley

    And Greg’s 15 centers were what, Turkey, Austria, Italy, the Balkans, Sevastopol and Tunis?

  8. Greg Duenow

    this was a very fun game and it was very generous for Matt to host and not play. at the get go I was wanting to work a RAT, but EG trounced on Russia. It was very quick work (especially when I helped, hehe). I could not get Marty as Austria on my side. I don’t think he trusts me. hmmm.

    So that left me shifty Christian. Luckily I was drunk and his wicked barbs caused no damage to my psyche. It was fun having him as an ally. (Except the part where I couldn’t turn my back on him because of the stabbing gestures). Finally he became useless as I had stalemated with Eric in GAL/BOH, so I killed him.

    That’s it.

    Oh except for the part where I wanted to keep France in the draw with one center, but Eric vetoed it until I killed her. Wow E. Brown is twisted! I love it.

  9. Greg Duenow

    yes jim those were my centers. šŸ˜›

  10. Thom Comstock

    Read any of my EOGs you’ll see I gave an honest, and personally detrimental assessment of all games, while learning to play the game. Clearly some take a pejorative view “spin,” and coupled with “dirt” understandbly so. Anyone who’s read Jim’s entertaining and literary masterpieces of EOGs knows he’s taken liberties -whether called spin or not. Snip Define spin
    [b]To provide an interpretation of (a statement or event, for example), especially in a way meant to sway public opinion.[/b] A distinctive point of view, emphasis, or interpretation:
    b. A distinctive character or style: an innovative chef who puts a new spin on traditional fare.snip
    I’d rather see some traffic and some interpretation of the game, than nothing at all. Especially from the prolific new diplomats. In Diplomacy there are no neutral facts.

  11. Jim O'Kelley

    Endgame satements should serve three purposes, none of which is to sway public opinion.

    The first is to generate buzz and excitement. By sharing interesting accounts of our games, we can motivate people on the sidelines to come out and join the fun. That’s a responsibility that we all should share.

    The second is to breathe life into the supply center charts, which only tell a small part of the story. Only seven of us typically witness a game, but many more are interested in how it went.

    Finally, endgame statements help your fellow players understand what happened and why. During a game, if you ask me why I moved a certain way, I may not be willing to tell you. After the game, however, I’m happy to explain the choices I made.

    Thom and I agree that we’d like to see more endgame statements. The next time you write yours, keep these three objectives in mind.

  12. Jim O'Kelley

    [quote]I enjoyed hosting again and will probably do another sometime soon.[/quote]

    Speaking of hosting, we’re ready to line up our summer games, so if you can host in May, June or July, let me know. We may also be able to work in another March madness house game on either March 13 or March 27, so speak up if you want to host then, too. (We expect to announce our March Madness games in the next week. Stay tuned!)

  13. Anonymous

    Sorry about no EOG. Only now getting conversant with this new site. great rollicking game, lots of power shifts, lots of stabs and necessary reconciliations. Russia was beset at the opening, partly due to an opening to Livonia, but adjusted well and had a good game. sometimes the tide is just coming in. Hope to play with him again soon.

  14. Anonymous

    Without excessive details (which I wouldn’t remember anyway), the matter with France started with some stablet she made on me that ticked me off for the obvious reason but also because I didn’t think it made any sense for her. i figured I was a goner at that point anyway, so I told her my only productive course was to throw everything into demonstrating to her that it was a mistake. I succeeded in that, having knocked her down with england’s help to 3-4 units. As luck would have it, while I was busy trying to teach this “lesson” (unwelcome I’m sure :-* ) I somehow found myself in a reasonably sound place and started looking at 1) stopping the solo, and 2) being part of the draw.

  15. Anonymous

    I was no longer specifically trying to reduce Amanda — as she asked, “haven’t I learned enough?”, and I agreed that she had. But by the time we had set up the stalemate line, the purist in me couldn’t see leaving an extraneous 1-center power on the board.

    By the way, if we weren’t constrained to DIAS, I would have voted for a draw that left the one-center france alive but not in the draw. The tyranny of the Sneak did that to you, Amanda!

  16. Mike Morrison

    Where are Eric Brown’s belated comments? (Or am I misreading my Weekly Weasel?)

  17. Jim O'Kelley

    You should see Eric’s comments now. Thanks for helping us fix that glitch, Mike!

  18. Mike Morrison

    I do see the comments now (thanks!), and they’re worth every penny!

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