Game Opening: Still More Dip and Drinks at Guthrie’s Tavern

We’re heading back to Guthrie’s Tavern on Jan. 21 to ring in the New Year properly. That means more Diplomacy, drinks and Thursday night fun.

We’d again like to field at least two boards, and we’d like one of them to be for new and newish players. Consider bringing a friend! This will be a great opportunity to learn the game in a fun and supportive environment.

As always, we’ll start as close to 6:15 p.m. as possible and finish playing no later than 11 p.m. We’ll use quick negotiation phases to keep the game moving. The beer will be flowing, and best of all, pizza magically appears. Check it out!

Board of Bright-Eyed Novices:
1) Kevin Sexton
2) Paul Robinson
3) Alex Riedel
4) Chris Paxhia or Sam Bassett or Jean from Meetup
5) Jeff Scheur
6) Josh Kanto
7) John Gramila
Board of Jaded Veterans:
1) Jim O’Kelley or Chris Paxhia or Sam Bassett
2) Peter Yeargin
3) Paul Pignotti
4) Adam Berey
5) Mike Morrison
6) Chris Paxhia or Sam Bassett
7) Matt Sundstrom
Could use one…

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  1. Paul J. Pignotti

    I’m in for the Jaded Veteran board.

  2. Greg Duenow

    i’ll be standby. either board. :-*

  3. Jim O'Kelley

    Pete McNamara is out, but John Gramila, a novice friend of Adam Berey’s, is in, so by my count, we’re right at 14. I’m still waiting on three confirmations for the novice board, though. Stay tuned…

  4. Matt Sundstrom

    I can now make it but I may be late. Should be there by 7.

  5. Jim O'Kelley

    Good turnout last night. Two boards, four new players plus a guy we hadn’t seen in nearly four years.

    The board toppers were Alex Riedel (welcome back!) and Matt Sundstrom (seriously, where’s this club’s shame?). [url][/url] Follow the link for the supply center charts. I’ll post a proper summary tonight.

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