Weasels without Borders: Four for the Bay!

Edi Birsan of the Bay Area has played in all three of our Weasel Moot tournaments. He’s also a paid-up member of the Weasels.

Edi has always supported our club. Now it’s time for us to reciprocate.

Edi’s home club, the Bay Area Diplomacy Association, is hosting the 2010 North American Diplomacy Championship at its annual BADAss Whipping tournament, April 16-18 in San Francisco. We want to send at least four Weasels to DipCon to represent our club and demonstrate our support for our friends on the West Coast.

Sub-Prime Weasel Kevin O’Kelly and Treasurer Christian MacDonald expect to lead the Weasels delegation. Who will join them?

April will be here before you know it. Start negotiating with your loved ones now. Click here for more information about DipCon 2010.

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  1. Thom Comstock

    Scholarship help? Travel rewards?

    Looks like a good time.

    Thom C

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