How We Doin’?

With seven weeks left in the calendar year, let’s check in on our Membership and Outreach goals for the year. Red indicates that we have some work to do to reach the goal. Blue means we’ve met it or are on target.

1) Attract at least 66 people to play in our club games.
We’ve had 51 players this calendar year to date.
2) Recruit at least 24 players who have yet to play with our group.
We’ve recruited 22 new players to date.
3) Retain at least 40 of last year’s players.
We’ve retained just 28 of last year’s 72 players.
4) Reactivate at least two Weasels who didn’t play in 2008.
To date, we’ve reactivated one player, Vicente Chong.
5) Encourage at least 50 percent of our 2009 players to play in two or more games.
Good news here. Thirty-one of this year’s 51 players have played in two or more games. That’s 60.8 percent.
6) Encourage at least one-third of our new 2009 players to play in two or more games.
More good news. Ten of the 22 new players have played in two or more games. That’s 45.5 percent.
7) Reach 30 paid-up members.
We have 31 paid-up members.

So, not bad. We’re way behind on our participation goal; however, this year, we wanted to focus more on getting people back to the table for a second play, and we’re doing great there.

We will hold at least four more games before the end of the year. If you’re hosting or playing in one, think about bringing a friend.


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