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Changing of the Guard?

Don’t look now, but if the season were to end today — and all these players had paid their dues — we’d have six different players in the Weasel Royale.

Take a look at the current club standings here:

Dues for the 2010 calendar year are due Dec. 31. You can pay yours by PayPaling $25 to wcwsneak [at] gmail [dot] com or by giving $25 to either Prime Weasel Jim O’Kelley or Treasurer Christian MacDonald at an upcoming event.

Dues get you discounts at the CODCon and Weasel Moot tournaments, first crack at game openings, and the right to vote on club issues. Plus, on your deathbed, you will achieve total consciousness.

Join the discussion!

Find out more about an upcoming event or article, talk smack before a game, brag about your board top, or most likely, ask what on earth your fellow Weasels were thinking!

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  1. Mike Morrison

    Is there a discount for those who’d prefer to avoid total consciousness? (Or is that actually what the upgrade to “Gold Membership” entails?)

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