Jim Gets Birthday Spanking, Berey and Yeargin Top Boards

Here’s a brief rundown of some of last night’s fun at Guthrie’s Tavern.

* Not bothering to check with Guthrie’s before scheduling games finally caught up with me as there was an event for gay nerds on the porch last night, forcing us to play in cramped quarters. (Seriously. It was a board game night for single gay men. I think the name of the group is Nerds with Hearts, if you’re interested. Last week, there was one for straight people, but last night’s was for gay men.) Anyway, we made the tight space work.
* I got a birthday spanking.
* Newcomers Adam Berey and John N. seemed to have a good time, although John chose to keep his last name to himself. Talk about playing it close to the vest.
* Kevin O’Kelly showed up for some Sneak business and was drafted to fill in for John Duca, who had to bail at the last minute.
* Ted McClelland rediscovered the joy of playing Russia with our group.
* Pete McNamara misordered a key build.
* 2008 Weasel Royale champion John Susoreny returned to action for the first time since, I think, last October. He’s still good.
* Matt Sundstrom was eliminated. That never happens.
* Peter Yeargin topped a board worthy of a Royale.
* Despite, or maybe because of, all the talent on board 76, four neutrals went unclaimed in 1901: Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Spain.
* Thom Comstock and Greg Duenow finished second and third, respectively, despite not building in 1901.

Here are the box scores:

Game No. 75

  • Austria (John N., International Man of Mystery): 7; 80 points.
  • England (Adam Berey): 8; 106 points.
  • France (Marty Harris): 4; 50 points.
  • Germany (John Susoreny): 6; 70 points.
  • Italy (Kevin O’Kelly): 4; 50 points.
  • Russia (Ted McClelland) 0; 4 points.
  • Turkey (Pete McNamara): 5; 60 points.

Game No. 76

  • Austria (Jim O’Kelley): 0; 5 points.
  • England (Thom Comstock): 8; 92 points.
  • France (Christian MacDonald): 4; 52 points.
  • Germany (Matt Sundstrom): 0; 8 points.
  • Italy (Nick Rohn): 2; 32 points.
  • Russia (Greg Duenow): 5; 62 points.
  • Turkey (Peter Yeargin): 15; 192 points.

If you’re interested in hosting a house game in the next few months, email me off the list. Next up is the Oct. 25 game at Chicagoland Games. Lots of interest in that game last night, so speak up soon if you want to round out that board. After that, it’s the Royale and Undercard at Dan Burgess’ home on Nov. 7. Then nothing. Our next Guthrie’s game will either be in November or December. Stay tuned.


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