Duenow, New Guy Top First Board of Season 5

As you’ve all seen from the postgame discussion, season 5 got off to a nice start last Saturday at Conception in Glen Ellyn. Kudos to club veterans Greg Duenow and Thom Comstock for organizing the game and for continuing our tradition of supporting the Conception event. Special thanks to Thom for giving up his seat so we could indoctrinate a new Weasel and for always being willing to do so.

The game ended after Fall 1907 with Greg’s Austria and new guy Tony Prokes’ Italy topping the board with nine centers each. The final center counts were as follows:

  • Austria (Greg Duenow): 9; 98.57 points.
  • England (Marty Harris): 5; 58.57 points.
  • France (Pete McNamara): 2; 28.57 points.
  • Germany (Peter Yeargin): 3; 38.57 points.
  • Italy (Tony Prokes): 9; 98.57 points.
  • Russia (Mike Morrison): 3; 38.57 points.
  • Turkey (Ted McClelland): 3; 38.57 points.

Marty, congratulations and welcome, you’re officially a Weasel now. (As is Tony.) It should be noted that in order to be a Complete and Utter Weasel, like Greg, Pete, Peter, Mike and Ted (and Thom), one must pay his membership dues of $25.

Dues may be paid by PayPaling $25 to wcwsneak [at] gmail [dot] com or by giving $25 to me or Treasurer Christian MacDonald at a future game. Dues run through the calendar year. Your 2010 dues are due on Dec. 31, but why wait? You may pay them now. The dues for next year remain $25 and help to offset the cost of club and Royale awards, our Meetup presence, and our website, which now features a spiffy new name (windycityweasels.org) and soon will sport a kick-ass content-managment system.

In addition, dues get you a discount on our tournament registration fees, make you eligible for club awards and the Weasel Royale, entitle you to vote on all vote-worthy matters, make you eligible to serve on the Sneak or one of our committees, and, most important, give you first crack at all game openings.

Finally, as Greg noted in his report, all club games this year will be DIAS, which means draws include all survivors. Take note.

I look forward to seeing you at a game soon.


Download the Game 74 Supply Center Chart

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