Tribute Scoring System

Tribute Scoring Formula: Supply Center Count + Survival Bonus +/- Tribute

In Tribute scoring, players who survive to a draw get a bonus but have to pay tribute to the board-topper (the player controlling the most supply centers). The size of the tribute increases with the board-topper’s center count. The goal of this scoring system is to promote dynamic games where as many players as possible attempt to top the board.

Topping the board is very valuable in Tribute.  Players should aim to top the board, up to the point that there really is little hope of achieving it.  In that case, players should aim to survive and keep the board-topper as small as possible.  

Players not topping the board may opt to try to eliminate smaller powers in order to increase their survival bonus.  Doing so is risky because it  may allow the board-topper to grow, offsetting the small gain in survival bonus by a larger increase in tribute owed.

For players topping the board, eliminating a smaller power can result in a small gain or even a small loss, since doing so eliminates a tribute payer.  If another player eliminates a smaller power, the board-topper’s score always decreases.  Thus the board-topper should aim to keep smaller powers in the game if they are willing to help them secure the board-top.

If a small power is forced to choose between elimination and helping the board-topper secure the board-top, Tribute will give them some reward for doing the latter, in addition to the satisfaction of revenge.  However, the score of all non-toppers is maximized if they work together to contain the board-topper.  Even better if they bring the board-topper low enough that they themselves can take the lead.

The incentives in Tribute scoring can be summarized thus: Top the board if possible, with as many supply centers as possible, otherwise survive and keep the board-topper as small as possible.

Want to read more?  Check out “To Whom Tribute Is Due”, the Diplomacy World article by War Weasel Brandon Fogel. 


  • A game is worth 100 points.
  • If someone solos, they get 100 points and everyone else gets 0.
  • If there’s a draw:
    • Everyone gets 1 pt per supply center.
    • The remainder (66 points) is split equally among surviving players (see chart)
    • Each player pays the board-topper 1 pt in tribute for each center the board-topper has over 6. This payment cannot exceed the survival bonus.
    • Tied board-toppers split the tribute equally.

Rules of thumb

  • If you are not currently topping the board:
    • Taking a center is worth 2 pts if you take it from the board-topper, 1 pt otherwise.
    • Taking the lead is worth the number of players times your new center count over 6.
    • Eliminating another player when there are 5 or more left is worth roughly 2-3 pts.
  • If you are currently topping the board:
    • Each center is worth a point for each player left in the draw (including you).
    • Eliminating another player when there are 5 or more left will cost roughly a point for each center you have over 8.

# of SurvivorsSurvival BonusGain