Jake Trotta

Jake Trotta

 This is your unofficial Brawl Title Bout hype thread. Brotivational? Brotivational.


Bar Room Brawl Championship Bar Room Brawl Title Bout is tomorrow at the Red Lion. Will Top Weasel Brandon Fogel bring home his first postseason trophy? Can Bull Weasel Matt Sundstrom power himself to the top? Could upstart challenger David Spanos, or late addition Ali Adib, take a swing at the title? The gloves will come off, but only one will raise Cockerill's Orb as our Bar Room Brawl Champion.

Meanwhile, we've got two for the undercard. Now five people may seem like a lot to pull in 24 hours, but did Rocky ever quit? Seriously, the dude is on his 6th movie. 

We had a busy week here at the Windy City Weasels. Hit the jump for YUGE board results, touring Weasel updates, and your usual dues-paying puppy shaming.

 After 5 games in 7 days, the editorial staff took a much needed break from your usual Weasel content/ over-the-top puns. Here's hoping the Cubs' bats wake up with us.


The gloves came off at the Weasel Royale. 7 players walked in, only one emerged as our Bull Weasel and 2015-16 season champion. Congratulations to Matt Sundstrom, who brought his second 'ship to port as Turkey. Given this and the fact that he has a Turkish opening named after him, we all greatly look forward to his contributions to THE WISE OLD WEASEL: TURKEY next month. (We here at the Weekly Weasel are subtle with our peer pressure.)

Read all about the top board here. Shout out to Dan Burgess for being a gracious host.


Meanwhile, in the Undercard at Weasel Royale, newcomer Mick Johnson racked up his second board top in just 3 games. He's now topping the standings with 101 points, giving him an excellent chance of making the top board next year. For more details on the boozy basement battle, click here.

New site policy: any reference to draw size scoring must have a trigger warning.


5 Weasels attended Tempest, including 4 first timers. What began with Cheetos Chicken Fries ended with Brandon Fogel "Steve Harvey"-ing himself out of Best Austria. Your solo-throwing writer also brought home the rusty blade for, as Austria, causing a grown man England such emotional distress that he vowed to never play a tournament again. In actual results, Prime Weasel Bryan Shelden got 10th, Brian Pravel got 13th, Brandon Fogel got 14th, Jake Trotta got 16th, and Carlos Trevino came in 23rd. Tempest cooldown post coming whenever their brains recover. In the meantime, check out last week's Weekly Weasel for updates. (Also, this.)


We are at 18 (18!) for Red Wednesday tonight in Lincoln Square. If we get up to 19, we can make 3 boards. Otherwise, we'll do 2 with a tremendous turnout. Sign up here.

 Welcome to the Weekly Weasel, which this week is the unofficial Tempest hype thread.


Five brave weasels of good standing and stately demeanor voyage to our nation's capital this week. Four of the new guard will be roadtripping and making a monumental first appearance at Tempest. The venerable Prime Weasel Brian Shelden, by the power entrusted to him by Weasels and credit card miles, will be flying. The scheming starts Friday-should be an excellent weekend of stabs and songs (spoilers for the team round). We'll be sure to post recaps of our experiences. Also, if anybody knows of something to do in Cleveland on a Thursday night, seriously hit up the comment section. 

I'm serious about the Cleveland thing. Ohio is the WORST. We're desperate.


(update: it will apparently be more fashionably late. Look out for this next week)


As we mentioned whenever this was last posted, tomorrow we will be discussing the play of Germany within the club. Some statistics will be provided to tee up your strategic insights on the Fatherland. Out of towners/ friends of the Weasels are more than welcome to chime in. In the spirit of both Columbus Day and Octoberfest, your writer will discuss the importance of the Italian-German alliance. Looking forward to hearing all your awesome ideas on Germany.



Wednesday, 21 September 2016 14:18

The Weekly Weasel Grows Wiser -- Week of 9/21

What's up guys? Lots of fun news this week, had an excellent start to our brawl season with 5 newbies attending.

Da roof. Da Bears. Daaaaaplomacy.

Sunday at 11 your writer is hosting a house game in Lakeshore East. There will be gorgeous views of Lake Michigan and Navy Pier, a case of 312, and all sorts of stabbing and general merriment. It's going to be awesome. 

We are currently at 9, if we get to 12 we can play 2 boards. Sign up here.


Thursday, 01 September 2016 11:19

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of 9/1

Who is ready for new season of WCW Diplomacy? Bryan Pravel and I are going to be assisting more with the site and taking over the Weekly Weasel. You'll still get a fair dose of Jim articles (and pun headlines), but we're hoping to add more awesome content on strategy, "What would you do?" scenarios, game recaps, traveling Weasels, wonderful moments in Weasel history, and much more.

If you have anything you'd love to see on the site, drop a comment or chat with us about it at the next bar game. If you buy us a beer at said bar game, I can guarantee your idea will at least be mentioned, if not implemented, on the site. We will also take Belgium (and promise that's the only time we'll make that joke this year.) 

Hit the jump for your season kickoff news!


Wednesday, 05 October 2016 11:55

The Wise Old Weasel -- Germany

Weasels near and far, let us gather and share our collective wisdom on the play of individual powers in this great game. All are encouraged to comment with their perspective on playing each power effectively. For newer weasels, this should be a tremendous resource to quickly learn the game. For older weasels, this blog will provide areas to search for improvement and share discoveries. And for the oldest of Weasels, this blog is an outlet for the fruit of their many years in the hobby. This, Weasels, is where we share our wisdom.


Topics of conversation may include openings, negotiation, alliances, how to solo, how to play from behind, anything and everything that feeds into the proper play of the nation. Reminder: this is specific to club German play under the one true scoring system, Sum of Squares.

First up, we have GERMANY, because of Octoberfest and, more importantly, because it is your writer’s favorite country.


Thursday, 29 September 2016 11:51

Doing 312 One Better


All is fair in love, war, and Windy City Weasel diplomacy. Game 313 featured roommate conflict, stabbed girlfriends, 3 4 5 new players, and a first time player topping to board in a highly instructional (and highly amusing) bout. Using 18 minute timing (with adjudications off the clock),  newcomer (and new to Chicago) Mick Johnson raced to a 10 center board top as France when the draw ended it in 05. The final center counts were:

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