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Before we get into CODCON HYPE, let us first point out that two of the top five Austria performances of club history, including the biggest ever, happened last week. Which happened to be the week after the publishing of Wise Old Weasel: Austria. Coincidence? Sister Margaretta thinks not.

Now, back to the news at hand.

Hit it.


That’s right folks, CODCON, the Outback Bowl of the Diplomacy hobby, is coming up this weekend. Grab your notebooks and bloomin’ onions- it’s about to get HYPEEEEEE! The madness kicks off at 9am on Saturday at, you guessed it, the student resource center at College of Dupage in lovely Glen Ellyn, Illinois. If you haven’t already, sign up here. Bonus- if you pay your dues, then you save money on the fee. That’s like saving two puppies at once.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017 16:07



Weasels, it is the Ides of March, the date of the most famous stab in human history.

Julius Caesar, renowned politician, general, diplomatic, lover and Protector of Rome took Italy all the way to 17 centers in 44 BC, with all of France, Belgium, Iberia, all of Italy, Tunis, Trieste, Serbia, Greece, Bul, and all of Turkey. (Yes, we here at the Wise Old Weasel counted the dots.)

But just before he could call himself Julius Solo, Caesar’s senate compatriots formed a grand alliance to stop him. Antony, Caesar’s most loyal ally, gave a moving eulogy… and summarily pardoned the assassins.

Today is a day we celebrate the stab, the crux of this great game we call diplomacy. Whether you are Casca, rushing into the shoulder blade first, Cassius, who swung for the face and missed, or Brutus, the beloved brother who stuck a sword in his side, we all have our memorable stabs.

On this Ides of March, do not merely beware, but relish in the thrill of stabbing and, yes, being stabbed.

So, Weasels, let us stab the day and share our great war stories and sage stab advice below.

We’re back with a triumphant return after getting chewed out on Twitter. Thanks, guys. I appreciate the Speaky Weasel support.


Headlines like that are worth the wait, folks. Chicago’s finest diplomacy hobby had a wonderful outing last weekend at Diversey Bowl, again hosting two boards. Out-of-towner Chris Martin topped one with a 48 point Russian performance, taking over this year’s Top Czar score and deeply disappointing your writer. On the other board, Christian Kline eeked out a 7-6-6 split as France, earning his second top this year. Recaps are starting to come in, read all about it here.

We’re back at Red Lion for a game next Wednesday… and we’re on a two board hot streak! Check what it’s brawl about here.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 16:53

The Wise Old Weasel -- Austria

The hills are alive with the sound of music- but will you be around to hear it? Greece and Bulgaria are some of my favorite things, but you need a German older and wiser keeping Russia out of Gal for you! Can climb every mountain? Will Edelweiss bless your homeland forever? Or will F02 leave you singing “so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu?”

Grab your bags and your rich Uncle Max! This, Weasels, is where we share our wisdom.

Monday, 16 January 2017 01:34

The Wise Old Weasel-- Russia

A gray sky surrounds the grayer plains… or is it snow? There is nothing around except a few bare trees, no one to talk to, no place for respite. It is cold, damn cold. There is no more Ritz to be Putin on. You inhale, reeking of friends lost and hopelessness, but the only showers here are (allegedly) used to blackmail other, more important players.

Do you have what it takes to survive the winter? This, weasels, is where we share our Wisdom.





“Why does this club hate Russia?” ponders club founder and Soviet sweetheart Jim O’Kelly. Verily, Russia is the most difficult country to play in this club, as it is the least likely to top or split a top.

Perhaps it is because of this club’s proclivity to the Sundstrom/ Armenia opening. Perhaps it is because Germany tends to bounce Sweden. Perhaps it is because two units are often bounced in S01. Perhaps it is the lack of guaranteed builds. Perhaps it is because Russia always happens to look big. Perhaps it is because Germany is too eager to move east. Perhaps it is because it neighbors nearly every nation and has the most number of “strategically imperative” diplomatic conversations early in the game. Perhaps Weasels are just fulfilling their patriotic duty.

Much like matryoshka doll, each Russian problem just opens up into another Russian problem. Playing Russia can be a real bear.



I debated putting the "Miracle on Ice" here, but found this more appropriate. For context, you are the bear. 


Quit Stalin and drop by the comments to leave your motherland musings.

Hit the JUMP for Russia stats, correlations, and the part where Jake posts links he knows are broken and reminds himself to correct them later.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 21:01

Weasel Mooterino XI

Sometimes, there’s a moot… and I’m talking about Weasel Moot here… Sometimes, there’s a moot that, well, there I go again. (If this page confuses you, click here.)

You know what? Fuck it dude, let’s go bowling.


Your favorite marmots Weasels will be hosting the 10th(ish) annual Weasel Moot from June 23-25. It will be at a Bowling Alley, the details of which I do not remember. Or Mooterino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

Careful man, there’s a Beveridge here!

We’ve got the whole place to ourselves, including the bar, where there will be plenty of White Russians and some more of that good Sasparilla.

This isn’t Nam. There are Rules.

Such as four rounds of sum of squares scoring, with one drop round to really tie the moot together.

This aggression will not stand, man.

There will be a code of conduct, but the short version is don’t treat objects like women. Break it, and you will see what happens, Larry.

Where’s the money, Lebowski?

Cost is probably $50. Paypal link.

You’re out of your element, Donnie.

But we’ll make sure you traveling tumbleweeds have a place to stay. Hotels here. AirBNB here. Some people have room availables.

I don’t need your sympathy, I need my Johnson.

Say what you will about the tenets of a western triple, at least it’s an ethos, man.



I'm starting to believe the GOP might play diplomacy. If I've learned anything in this world of dot grabbing bastards, it's that the only way to look ethical is to make someone else look unethical. 


In our bonus bar game, Italy (yours truly) slithered its way to a 16-dot board top and the top of the league/brawl standings. For recaps and insight from The Jungle Book, click here. Also click to see Jim amusingly guilt himself into updating the standings. Thanks, Jim.


Rookie of the Year front-runner and South Carolina's second favorite son (couldn't bump you ahead of Colbert) Mick Johnson is hosting this Saturday at 11 in Uptown. The board currently features 3 first timers, one rookie, and three guys in their second season of WCW play. Can we push for 2? If not, come on by, hang out, and help coach a young weasel! Sign up here.

Hit the jump for next week bar game details, Wise Old Weasel updates, and your usual and customary pupptricide shaming.

Did you miss me? Notice anything different about me? Shout out to the dream team of Pravel, Shelden, Fogel, and O’Kelley for fixing the website and turning this once ugly duckling into the beautiful swan it is today. Let’s see what this bodacious bod can do.


We’ve had three boards this December, two won by new friends Nicole Campbell and Gudrun Juffer, the one a thriller pulled out by venerable Prime Weasel and lying bastard Brian Shelden. No word on if the game at Gramila’s resulted in any shirtless, bearded rice pudding selfies. If you haven’t heard that story, you absolutely need to ask Gramila.

Anyways, check out the recaps. Honestly, they’re directly below this post, so I’m going to go ahead and trust you to scroll on down and check em out.   


That’s right folks, there’s an extra bar game on the 28th at the Red Lion. Swing by at 630 for the SANTA CLAUSE SELECTION ORDER, booze, and general holiday merriment. Peter Lokken will be swinging by. Also my kid brother will be there because it just wouldn’t be the holidays without some family infighting.

Sign up here. Also, check the lineup. Sure to be some fireworks-is there an alliance player on that board?

Hit the jump for a full stockingsworth of Weasel updates.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 16:07

The Wise Old Weasel -- Talking Turkey

Turkey, Thanksgiving cornerstone and diplomatic "Cancer in the Corner," is next up because of the aforementioned holiday.

A reminder of what we're doing here:

Weasels near and far, let us gather and share our collective wisdom on the play of individual powers in this great game. All are encouraged to comment with their perspective on playing each power effectively. For newer weasels, this should be a tremendous resource to quickly learn the game. For older weasels, this blog will provide areas to search for improvement and share discoveries. And for the oldest of Weasels, this blog is an outlet for the fruit of their many years in the hobby. This, Weasels, is where we share our wisdom.

Topics of conversation may include openings, negotiation, alliances, how to solo, how to play from behind, anything and everything that feeds into the proper play of the nation. Reminder: this is specific to club Turkish play under the one true scoring system, Sum of Squares.  

Gobble up your Turkish tactics after the jump.

 This is your unofficial Brawl Title Bout hype thread. Brotivational? Brotivational.


Bar Room Brawl Championship Bar Room Brawl Title Bout is tomorrow at the Red Lion. Will Top Weasel Brandon Fogel bring home his first postseason trophy? Can Bull Weasel Matt Sundstrom power himself to the top? Could upstart challenger David Spanos, or late addition Ali Adib, take a swing at the title? The gloves will come off, but only one will raise Cockerill's Orb as our Bar Room Brawl Champion.

Meanwhile, we've got two for the undercard. Now five people may seem like a lot to pull in 24 hours, but did Rocky ever quit? Seriously, the dude is on his 6th movie. 

We had a busy week here at the Windy City Weasels. Hit the jump for YUGE board results, touring Weasel updates, and your usual dues-paying puppy shaming.

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