Nate Cockerill

Nate Cockerill

Thursday, 28 February 2013 02:38

A Light Goes Out but the Game Continues

                                                  The creator of our hobby Allan B. Calhamer passed away this week and so our founder has moved on to a better place with more supply centers available. I first met Allan in the 2000 World tournament in Delaware. The game ended in a 5 way draw that I wasn't a part of though I survived with a 3 center Austria. Allan explained many facets of the game to us during the negotiations and after the game.  He was free with his knowledge and generous with his time. I first played the Diplomacy 20 years ago as a boy and it has taken many place and made me many friends along the way. I am glad to have learned it and forever grateful to Allan for his contribution to the world of gaming.

                                                   The Windy City Weasels were honored to have him at our first Worlds and are thankful for our final chance to thank the creator of Diplomacy. Though it is sad that he is gone let us remember him by spreading the game of Diplomacy. I challenge you, fellow Weasels to take some time this year to pass on this game that we love. I also ask you remember that it's just that as well a game. A game to be played for fun with friends or friends to be made or stabbed. As we head into National Diplomacy month let's fill these games, make them exciting, and for God's sake let's have some fun while doing it! I think Allan would've wanted it that way.

Nate Cockerill

War Weasel

Sunday, 14 October 2012 13:10

The War Weasel Wants You!

Fellow Weasels,

Yesterday at Jim O'Kelley's home we had our second game of the season. Yours truly held on the entire game to end with a one center Italy or what Peter Yeargin affectionately refers to as a "one dot moron". 

 But back to the matter at hand , recruiting new players for the club. We've had a slow go so far this season due to losing some core players to new jobs , movings and life in general. Every organization goes through growing pains  and this the 8th season of the Windy City Weasels is no exception. We're the most active and the greatest Diplomacy Club in the World and if, no not if , but when we host the World Diplomacy Championship again in four years we will need new active members so please join me at the Bring-a-Friend game next month.

The War Weasel Has Spoken

Nate Cockerill

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