Matt Sundstrom

Matt Sundstrom

Monday, 04 January 2010 17:06

Game 84 Recap: Beware of Dino

There is a great disturbance in the force.  Young Duenow has become powerful...

You read that right.  Greg Duenow topped game #84 with a methodical 15 center Turkey.  He gained one center each year from 4 in 1902 to 15 in 1913 when a three-way draw was approved.  Here's how everyone fared.

Austria (Marty Harris): elim 1906, 6 points
England (Grant Smith): 10 centers, 110 points
France (Amanda Baumgartner): elim 1913, 13 points
Germany (Eric Brown): 9 centers, 110 points
Italy (Christian MacDonald): elim 1912, 12 points
Russia (Phil Blaetz): elim 1903, 3 points
Turkey (Greg Duenow): 15 centers, 200 points

We had seven sign up and started very close to on time.  Everyone submitted a preference list for powers and I drew them randomly as I was not playing.  First draw got their first choice, second draw got their first choice if available or their second choice.  We ended up with three people getting their first choices, one third, one fourth and two sixths.  Newcomer Phil Blaetz got Russia (his first choice) and was promptly introduced to the joy of playing Russia in this club.  Germany bounced him in Russia and England convoyed to Norway.  Phil built F: StP(nc) and therefore guaranteed that England would press the attack.  Turkey played for a juggernaut through 1902 but had to "feed on the corpse" once it was clear Russia was dead.  This would play itself out two more times for Turkey.  Phil stayed around for a long time and I hope he can get to another game soon.

EG became pretty quickly united in their attack on Russia.  IT joined forces against Austria.  Marty started well and had some help from France against Italy.  But France was convinced to turn back west and GIT took Austria from 5 to 1 from 04 to 05.  Turkey got the best of that as Italy had only Trieste once it was all done.

The west got messy when France attacked England.  Germany was trying to hold his own against IT, so the EF war didn't swing much either way for a while.  Turkey kept growing and eventually built fleets to press an attack on Italy.  Germany joined England against France and the endgame was set.  In something Jim might like to see, EGT pressed to reduce the draw to three by eliminating the last dots of Italy and France (I should note that I took over for Italy in 1911).  France's last fleet in Tunis would have been important to stopping a Turkish solo, but Greg waived his last build in exchange for his getting Tunis and approving the draw.

Good that we got a game together on such short notice.  The day looked open for me, so I gave it a shot.  I enjoyed hosting again and will probably do another sometime soon.


Click here to see the supply center chart.

Monday, 30 November 2009 11:50

Game # 80 Recap

Game #80 was successfully completed on Saturday, November 28 at Matt Sundstrom’s house in Glenview.  Thanks to Mike Morrison for being available to ensure we had 7 players.  It’s probably one of the nicest November 28ths I can remember.  The weather at the end of November is usually gray and cold. This year it was nice enough to negotiate outside.
It ended up being fairly long as we went to 1911 to get to a 4-way FGIR draw. 
The final center counts were:
Austria (Mike Morrison): 0; 2 points.
England (Thom Comstock): 0; 6 points.
France (Matt Sundstrom): 13; 171 points.
Germany (Samuel Bassett): 1; 25 points.
Italy (Amanda Baumgartner): 11; 125 points.
Russia (Kevin O’Kelly): 9; 105 points.
Turkey (May-Ling Chong): 0; 5 points.
Some highlights…
-         We started very close to on time. Everyone was there by 11.
-         Probably the best Russian start in WCW history as Kevin got to 7 after 1901.  No bounce in Sweden, Turkey didn’t open to Armenia and Galicia walked into Vienna in the fall.  Amazing given our history.
-         Tough day for Austria as the Archduke was down to 2 after 1901.  All his neighbors except Germany stabbed him at once.  At least he got out early.
-     May Ling brought cookies!  Didn't seem to help her game, but they were good. 
-         The game may have been in a drawn position after 1908 as I don’t think any supply centers changed between alliances for three straight years.  House rules state that a GM may declare a draw in that situation.
-         The game broke up after that as an alliance split.  Several draws were voted down until we got past 1911.  Thanks to Thom Comstock for staying and administering the draw votes.  We all started wondering if we were voting properly after several draws got voted down.  But there weren’t four pieces of the same color in the draw box until the end.
I really enjoyed hosting.  Thanks to all the players for making it an enjoyable game.


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