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Christopher M. Davis removed himself from the Topless list with a 14-center performance as Russia yesterday in Game No. 92, played at Dan Burgess' home in Downers Grove. Davis is no stranger to Russian success. He took Best Russia honors at CODCon last year.

The game ended after the Fall 1908 turn with the following center counts:

Austria (Mike Morrison): 0; 3 points
England (Josh Kanto): 0; 7 points
France (Roland Hackler): 6; 75 points
Germany (Greg Duenow): 10; 115 points
Italy (Pete "Pac-Man" McNamara): 4; 55 points
Russia (Christopher M. Davis): 14; 183 points
Turkey (Todd Woodman): 0; 8 points

The game featured a first-time player in Todd "The Mail Man" Woodman, and a player who was returning to a Diplomacy table for the first time in about 15 years in Roland Hackler. We hope to see both players again. In addition, Dan's neighbor Chris Albert followed the action closely and eventually took over France for Hackler. Hopefully he'll join us for a future game, as well.

In the club standings (which you can access from the Links menu), Duenow's score bettered his shared board top in the first game of this season, allowing him to leapfrog Peter Yeargin into fourth place. Davis, meanwhile, shot from the standings' bowels all the way up to 14th.

Check out the supply center chart here.

Next up: March gets even madder with a two-board session at Thom Comstock's home in Oak Park on Saturday. We still need players for the second board. Join the fun and sign up today!