The Weekly Weasel (207)

Tuesday, 08 January 2013 19:49

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Jan. 7

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Here's the latest news from the Weasels.

Hip to be Square
The Weasels will ring in the New Year with a game this Saturday at hipster John Gramila's home in Logan Square. The game is full, but we can always use standbys, so speak up if you're available. We should have a game report for next week's Weekly Weasel. In the meantime, check out the lineup. It features two more newcomers, including another Meetup recruit.
Tuesday, 01 January 2013 19:58

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Dec. 31

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Happy New Year! We closed 2012 with a game on Sunday, so we have that result for you. Plus, last week, we forgot to report on our 200th game. Read on for the latest (and some old) news from the Weasels, and may 2013 be a prosperous one for you and stab-free!

Big, Bad Brad
A gaming friend of Tony Prokes, Brad Harrington joined the club in a novice game last March. He topped that board, but his next two games were stinkers. I like to think that his fortunes changed in Game 199 last month at Dan Burgess' place. He had the chance to work with a more experienced player who was a kind and nurturing ally. In his very next game on Sunday, in his fifth game ever, all with the club, he guided Austria to a 16-center board-top in a strong field. Check out the game summary.
Thursday, 27 December 2012 14:28

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Dec. 24

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I hope you're having a great holiday season. I've been home with Kevin and Patrick. We alternate every other Christmas with Kevin, but due to a scheduling change a couple of years ago, this Christmas was our first with him since 2008. We're having fun, but the late nights with the PS3 make for really early mornings with Patrick. I'm struggling today. Anyway, here's the latest news from the Weasels.

Onward to 300
We'll take our first step on the march to 300 games this Sunday at 11 a.m. at Matt Sundstrom's home in Glenview. The game is full, but we can always use a standby or two just in case. Check out the lineup at the website.
Monday, 17 December 2012 15:23

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Dec. 17

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Here's the latest news from the Weasels on this 200th Game Eve.
Weasels Set to Play Bicentennial Game
We're all set for tomorrow's big 200th game celebration at the Red Lion in Lincoln Square. We currently have eight players signed up. If we can recruit six more between now and then, we'll also play our 201st game.
It should be a fun night. Our War Weasel, Beefy Nate Cockerill, even is suggesting that we mark the occasion with a fish-and-chips eating contest. I think I'll stick to supply centers.
Monday, 10 December 2012 17:21

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Dec. 10

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The Weasels were back in action yesterday. Read on. 
Master of the House
Every Weasel knows that Prime Weasel Dan Burgess would rather stir chili in a pot than trouble on a Dipomacy board. He typically hosts at least five games per year, not counting the Royale, but he only plays in those games when absolutely necessary. Such was the case yesterday when hipster John Gramila went AWOL.
Monday, 03 December 2012 14:06

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Dec. 3

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The holiday season is here, and we're offering several opportunities to roast nuts over an open fire of hot Diplomacy action. 
Game on for Sunday
We have a firm seven for Sunday's game at Dan Burgess' home in Downers Grove, which will be our club's 199th game. Check out the lineup. Burgess currently is our seventh, but we expect to replace him soon to free him for hosting duties, which in his house involves live-blogging the game. Watch the website on Sunday to follow the action.
Tuesday, 27 November 2012 10:26

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Nov. 26

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Here we are--a day late but totally worth the wait--with all the latest news from the Weasels.
'Twas the Day before New Year's
Punctuated by the World Diplomacy Championship at Weasel Moot VI, 2012 has been a memorable year for us, and we're not quite ready to give it up. Matt Sundstrom will host one final 2012 game on Dec. 30 at his home in Glenview. Help us close the book on a great year by signing up.
Monday, 19 November 2012 19:56

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Nov. 19

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Here's the latest news from the Weasels.

Four New Faces, Same Old Board-Topper
Our first bring-a-friend event was a hit last week at the Red Lion. Ten people showed up, and we initiated four new Weasels. The board-topper, however, was a familiar face. See who it was and check out the game summary.
Monday, 12 November 2012 20:19

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Nov. 12

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Here's the latest news from the Weasels.
Bring a Friend to the Red Lion
It looks like we're certain to have one board for Wednesday's bring-a-friend event at the Red Lion, but we're shooting for two. We have two first-time players signed up and another beginner, so while you don't HAVE to bring a friend, it's a good opportunity to do so. If we can get to 14, we'll put the new players on one board to break them in gently. Make your plans to join us.
Monday, 05 November 2012 20:40

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Nov. 5

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Here's the latest news from the Weasels.
And it's Doc by a Nose!
For the first time since the Grand Prix started in 1999, the final event actually mattered.

Now, certainly in the past, Grand Prix hopefuls have done battle in the final event and even have had a chance--however remote--to win. Never before, though, had a pursuer actually capitalized on that chance. Until now.


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