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Monday, 14 December 2015 20:25

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Dec. 14

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Read on for the latest news from the Weasels.

A Rare Repeat
We Weasels pride ourselves on knocking the hell out of our defending champions. We have five annual titles: Weasel of the Year, CODCon Champion, Alpha Weasel (Weasel Moot Champion), Bull Weasel (Weasel Royale Champion), and Brawl Star (Bar Room Brawl Champion). Last week at this time, only two champs had ever successfully defended their titles: Mike French, who won the first two CODCons in 2007 and 2008, and Nate Cockerill, who posted back-to-back Weasel of the Year titles in 2013 and 2014.

Tuesday, 08 December 2015 21:29

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Dec. 7

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Read on for the latest news from the Weasels.

Brawl Star Game
The 2015 Bar Room Brawl Championship Game will be held tomorrow at 6 p.m. at the Red Lion in Lincoln Square. The seven combatants, in seed order, will be Ali Adib, Matt Sundstrom, Christian Kline, Jim O'Kelley, Brian Beck, David St. John (alternate) and Chris Kelly (alternate). Kelly won the championship last year, and O'Kelley took the inaugural title in 2013.

We have eight for the undercard game, so that gives us a little cushion in case someone bails. Additional standby players welcome, so drop by the Lion to watch the games and play if needed.

Monday, 30 November 2015 20:18

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Nov. 30

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We're back after a brief hiatus for Thanksgiving. (Hope yours was a good one.) Read on for the latest news from the Weasels.

Chicago in a Landslide
We got the word last week that our bid to combine the 2016 North American Diplomacy Championship with the World Championship was successful. Woot! (It's a good thing, too, as ours was the only bid...)

The two events will be June 24-26 at Roosevelt University in downtown Chicago. In 2012, we had separate victory conditions for the two titles, just as Vancouver did in 2007, but as with Vancouver, the same player won both titles anyway. Therefore, we're not inclined to split them this time around. The winner of the top board in the final round will be the champion of the world and North America. Which is fitting.

Monday, 16 November 2015 20:34

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Nov. 16

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Quick turnaround this week due to the late publication of last week's issue. Read on for the latest news from the Weasels.

One City, Lots of Games
Saturday is International Games Day at the library named for the mayor who once said, "Chicago is one city. We shall work as one people for our common good and our common goals."

The event will take place at Harold Washington Library (400 S. State St.) from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. I'm thinking about taking my son Kevin there at around Noon to promote the Weasels. We're happy to play other games, but if there are seven of us who want to go, perhaps we can get a short game in. Anyone interested?

Thursday, 12 November 2015 11:01

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Nov. 9

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Did you hear the news? I won Carnage. Read on for the latest news from the Weasels.

Red Wednesday Rescued by a Random
Last night's Red Wednesday game was rescued by a random walk-up. We had one new player and another who was new to the club, so host Matt Sundstrom was prepared to lead a six-player teaching game when a mysterious stranger named Mike darkened the doorway of the Red Lion. With a full complement of seven players -- plus a spectator in Dan Burgess who arrived later -- we were able to play a regular league game.
Tuesday, 03 November 2015 21:09

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Nov. 2

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It was a slow news week but not completely uneventful. Read on.

Housing Registration Now Open!
Housing registration for the 2016 World Diplomacy Championship at Weasel Moot X is now open! You can find the link in the Housing section of the tournament home page. The link will take you to a site set up by Roosevelt University to handle our bookings. It's fairly intuitive, but ask if you have questions.

A room in the dorm will cost you $87.30 per night. That price includes the tax. They are dorm rooms, but this ain't your daddy's dorm. The campus will be just four years old next summer. It's a glass building that zig-zags up 31 stories. Your room will have a floor-to-ceiling window that looks out on Lake Michigan, Grant Park, the skyline, or a combination of the three. The rooms are set up like private apartments. You'll share a bathroom with one to three other rooms -- no more -- and many of the apartments have common seating areas. (Because of the building's unique architecture, no floor has the same plan.)

Monday, 26 October 2015 23:15

The Weekly Weasel -- Week of Oct. 26

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Last weekend was a big one for the Weasels. Read on to learn more.

Jim the White!
Saturday's Weasel Royale club championship game lived up to its billing. It was a fun, hard-fought affair. When the smoke finally cleared in Spring 1911, Jim O'Kelley was holding his second Bull Weasel title. He also won in 2010, also with the white pieces.

Check out the game summary and the champ's analysis of three key stabs that paved the way to victory.

 After 5 games in 7 days, the editorial staff took a much needed break from your usual Weasel content/ over-the-top puns. Here's hoping the Cubs' bats wake up with us.


The gloves came off at the Weasel Royale. 7 players walked in, only one emerged as our Bull Weasel and 2015-16 season champion. Congratulations to Matt Sundstrom, who brought his second 'ship to port as Turkey. Given this and the fact that he has a Turkish opening named after him, we all greatly look forward to his contributions to THE WISE OLD WEASEL: TURKEY next month. (We here at the Weekly Weasel are subtle with our peer pressure.)

Read all about the top board here. Shout out to Dan Burgess for being a gracious host.


Meanwhile, in the Undercard at Weasel Royale, newcomer Mick Johnson racked up his second board top in just 3 games. He's now topping the standings with 101 points, giving him an excellent chance of making the top board next year. For more details on the boozy basement battle, click here.

New site policy: any reference to draw size scoring must have a trigger warning.


5 Weasels attended Tempest, including 4 first timers. What began with Cheetos Chicken Fries ended with Brandon Fogel "Steve Harvey"-ing himself out of Best Austria. Your solo-throwing writer also brought home the rusty blade for, as Austria, causing a grown man England such emotional distress that he vowed to never play a tournament again. In actual results, Prime Weasel Bryan Shelden got 10th, Brian Pravel got 13th, Brandon Fogel got 14th, Jake Trotta got 16th, and Carlos Trevino came in 23rd. Tempest cooldown post coming whenever their brains recover. In the meantime, check out last week's Weekly Weasel for updates. (Also, this.)


We are at 18 (18!) for Red Wednesday tonight in Lincoln Square. If we get up to 19, we can make 3 boards. Otherwise, we'll do 2 with a tremendous turnout. Sign up here.

 Welcome to the Weekly Weasel, which this week is the unofficial Tempest hype thread.


Five brave weasels of good standing and stately demeanor voyage to our nation's capital this week. Four of the new guard will be roadtripping and making a monumental first appearance at Tempest. The venerable Prime Weasel Brian Shelden, by the power entrusted to him by Weasels and credit card miles, will be flying. The scheming starts Friday-should be an excellent weekend of stabs and songs (spoilers for the team round). We'll be sure to post recaps of our experiences. Also, if anybody knows of something to do in Cleveland on a Thursday night, seriously hit up the comment section. 

I'm serious about the Cleveland thing. Ohio is the WORST. We're desperate.


(update: it will apparently be more fashionably late. Look out for this next week)


As we mentioned whenever this was last posted, tomorrow we will be discussing the play of Germany within the club. Some statistics will be provided to tee up your strategic insights on the Fatherland. Out of towners/ friends of the Weasels are more than welcome to chime in. In the spirit of both Columbus Day and Octoberfest, your writer will discuss the importance of the Italian-German alliance. Looking forward to hearing all your awesome ideas on Germany.



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