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Our Diplomacy league is the most active in North America. We average more than two league games per month in addition to Tournament play. We score all of our games using the Sum of Squares scoring system, and each player's best three scores count toward the season standings. We are known for our fierce competition, strong traditions, upstanding character and trustworthiness, and the propensity for Turkey to open to Armenia.


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Thursday, 11 March 2010 12:07

Countdown to CODCon 2010 - April 10-11, 2010

Written by

Exactly one month from now, maybe at this exact moment, you may be looking at
your board at the third round of CODCon on Sunday morning. It's Fall 1903 and
you are preparing your stab on your ally and tournament co-leader. They don't
suspect a thing. But why not, you ask?

Over the first two rounds, 6 boards have already been played. You've managed to
pull off two good scores, and almost solo'ed in round 2. Your ally in round 3
managed to slow you down enough in round 2, preventing you from the solo, and
now it's time for them to pay. You're ready to pull ahead of everyone in the
tournament for good. You hear the timer expire, everyone is throwing in the
booklets and the sweat begins to form on your brow. The first couple sets of
orders are read, including the orders of your unsuspecting ally. WOW! You
can't believe they left open a home center and another neutral center. This is
too good to be true...

UNLESS you do not sign up for CODCon 2010.

CODCon is a great gaming festival in the western suburbs. It's about 30-40
minutes from downtown and there is housing nearby if needed. Check-in time on
Saturday April 10th is at 9am, with another round to be played that evening.
Side gaming will be going on all weekend, both during the rounds if you are
eliminated early and after the rounds. Lunch on Saturday is usually had at
Alfie's, the greatest burger joint this side of the Mississippi (I don't know
that to be true, but I like that phrase).

For any questions or to sign-up, please feel free to email me [kodiplomacy at
gmail(dot)com], go to our Meetup CODCon Page or post back to this
message. We look forward to seeing you in Glen Ellyn at the College of DuPage
on Saturday and Sunday April 10th-April 11th.


Kevin O'Kelly
2010 CODCon Tournament Director

P.S. Make sure to read the tournament rules before the start of the games. The
rules are posted at in the Files section.

Friday, 05 March 2010 18:49

March Madness Tips off Tomorrow!

Written by

Our third annual March Madness tips off tomorrow at the Prime Weasel's pad in Oak Brook. The game will begin at 9 a.m. (And as an aside, one of the players is seeking a replacement, so if you want to play, speak up.)

This year, other clubs on the continent are getting in on the action. The Houston group also will be playing tomorrow, while the Potomac Tea & Knife Society will tip off on Sunday. Later in the month, we expect to see games in the Bay Area, Vancouver, New England and possibly Toledo.

We still need one more for next Saturday's game at Dan Burgess' home in Downers Grove. And to free Dan to concentrate on blogging and serving you beer, we could actually use two more players.

The event at Thom Comstock's home in Oak Park on March 20 needs two more players to round out a second board. Thom is promising prizes, including a Diplomacy game and one of Greg's cool linen maps.

Finally, the wrap-up event at Guthrie's Tavern on March 25 needs one more player for a second board.

Don't miss an opportunity to tune up for the CODCon Open, which is right around the corner on April 10-11. Grab one of these openings today!

Sunday, 21 February 2010 13:00

February is for Stabbers

Written by

We followed up a five-board January with two house games in February. Thirteen players participated, including two who were playing with us for the first time since June 2008.

We've now had 30 different players in our seven 2010 games. Five of those 30 were playing with us for the first time, and one of them played his second game in February.

Of our 2010 membership goals, I expected the seven reactivated members to be the most difficult to achieve, but we've already reactivated three, and two more are signed up for the March 20 game.

Speaking of that, we're working hard to fill a second board on March 20. If you're interested, speak up. The March 20 event will take place at Thom Comstock's place in Oak Park. We also have room for Dan Burgess' game on March 13 in Downers Grove. Dan's games are always fun, thank in equal parts to his hospitality, chili and hand-craft beer. Don't miss out!

We may open a Guthrie's game in March as well. Stay tuned.

Friday, 19 February 2010 08:38

Game 90 Set for Saturday!

Written by

Game 90 is set for 11 a.m. tomorrow at Gary Przybocki's home in Montgomery. It will feature the following players:

  1. Amanda Baumgartner
  2. Bob Kramford
  3. Gary Przybocki
  4. Jim O'Kelley
  5. Michael Schoose
  6. Peter Yeargin
  7. Thom Comstock

If anyone gets injured or is unable to perform the duties of a head of state, then Bert Schoose will be waiting in the wings.

Following the game, watch for endgame statements. Also, as this will be another landmark game on our march to 100, watch for another classic game report from yesteryear.

Next Up: March Madness!

  • The March 6 game in Oak Brook is full.
  • The March 13 game in Downers Grove has five spots available.
  • The March 20 event in Oak Park has one full board. We're now looking for seven more players for a second board.

Sign up for a March game today! It's your last chance to work the rust off before the fourth annual CODCon Open, April 10-11 at the College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn.

Tuesday, 09 February 2010 19:28

Help the NADF Reclaim March!

Written by

March didn't always belong to basketball. There was a time when the month belonged to our pastime. March was once known best for a backstab.

On March 15 in 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back, face, ribs and 32 other places by his closest friends and advisers.

This March, the North American Diplomacy Federation wants to re-create that scene in bars and living rooms all over the continent. We need your help. We urge your group to hold at least one Diplomacy game in March, and preferably more. In Chicago, the Windy City Weasels will take a stab at four boards, possibly five. We expect our friends in D.C., the Potomac Tea & Knife Society, to equal that.

Et tu?

Grab a knife and join the fun. Together, we can reclaim March for backstabbing! Sign up for a March game here!

Jim O'Kelley, Chicago Representative
North American Diplomacy Federation

Tuesday, 09 February 2010 18:58

CODCon Just Two Months Away!

Written by

Our fourth annual CODCon Open is just about two months away. Now is the time to negotiate with your loved ones for a weekend pass on April 10-11.

Here's the schedule:

Saturday, April 10
Round 1
Registration: 9 to 9:30 a.m.
Board Call: 9:45 a.m.

Round 2
Registration: 5:15 to 5:45 p.m.
Board Call: 6 p.m.

Sunday, April 11
Round 3
Registration: 9:15 to 9:45 a.m.
Board Call: 10 a.m.

Tournament ends at a predetermined time between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. with brief awards ceremony following conclusion.

As always, the tournament will be held at the CODCon gaming convention at the College of DuPage's Student Resource Center, 425 Fawell Blvd. in Glen Ellyn.

Check out our flier, and feel free to share it with people who might be interested!

This year's tournament, directed by Sub-Prime Weasel Kevin O'Kelly, will feature a new scoring system, Sum of Squares. The format will still be best two of three rounds, with it only taking one round to be eligible for awards. Players will vie for plaques for Best Countries and first through third place, and certificates for fourth through seventh.

The CODCon Open will kick off this year's Central Shuffle and is the second step of the Grand Prix. If you plan to attend, let us know by posting a comment here or reponding to the Meetup invitation!

Saturday, 06 February 2010 13:10

Average Scores

Written by

Okay, one more set of metrics to throw at you, and then I'm done. Maybe.

This table shows the average final score for each power in the 40 standard league games since Sept. 1, 2008.


Avg. Score















Some differences from the table that showed average supply center counts.

And here's the same metric by player for players who have played in five or more games since Sept. 1, 2008.


Saturday, 06 February 2010 12:09

Topless Stats

Written by

Easy now. This isn't what you think.

Here's a look at players from the past two seasons (standard league games) who have played two or more games without topping.

Saturday, 06 February 2010 12:00

Player Board-Top Stats

Written by

Again, this table considers only standard league games played in the past two seasons (since Sept. 1, 2008). Greg, do you like this one a little better than the elimination-frequencies table?

Friday, 05 February 2010 20:35

Minutes from Jan. 31 NADF Meeting

Written by

For those interested, click here to see the minutes from the Jan. 31 meeting of the North American Diplomacy Federation leadership. You'll note, among other things, that the NADF will be inviting the other clubs to join us in our March Madness festivities.

Also, I've had preliminary discussions with the Potomac Tea & Knife Society, our wacky uncles to the east, about a March Madness challenge bet. As soon as we agree on a wager, I'll share it with you, and hopefully you'll help make us look good by filling our March game openings!

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