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Moot XI Results

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Moot XI is in the books!  Mike French, a traveling Weasel from St. Louis, took the title with a composite score of 114.876.  Mike's tournament included a solo as Austria in Round 1, only the second Austrian solo in tournament history and 20th solo overall (only the ninth in tournaments that were not also World Diplomacy Championships).  Mike's solo was especially remarkable in that it was accomplished with no fleets (believe your eyes by clicking here).

Finishing in second place was Eric Grinnell, who made a spirited charge in the final round, closing the gap to under 4 points with 1 year to play.  Third place was taken by Alpha Weasel θ John Gramila (winner of Weasel Moot VIII). 

Saturday, 17 June 2017 13:40

Honor among Weasels

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If we've learned anything from 343 games of Windy City Weasels Diplomacy, it's that there is no honor among Weasels and that no good deed goes unpunished. Yet time and time again, those lessons must be relearned the hard way. Wednesday night at the Red Lion, it was the player who hosted the very first Weasels tilt nearly 12 years ago who flunked out of the club's School of Hard Knocks.

We managed seven years in Game No. 343, played at the Red Lion on Flag Day. The game ended by time limit in the following center counts.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017 23:21

The English Patience

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Q: How many Trottas does it take to coordinate schedules?

A: Apparently more than three.

Game No. 342, played last night at Seven on the swanky New East Side, started more than 70 minutes late, due largely to miscommunication among the Brothers Trotta. As it turned out, the game got Jake, who had planned to drop by a game in progress after an evening meeting with clients, instead of Ian and their dad, Ray, although Ray did stop by even later to kibitz and watch basketball. (And he seems interested in returning to the table soon. Perhaps at Weasel Moot, June 23-25 at Diversey River Bowl...)

Friday, 12 May 2017 21:46

Who's a Cozy Bear?

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If we were to compare Russian board-tops to Russian state-sponsored hacking groups, then Bryan Pravel's game Wednesday night at the Red Lion was more Cozy Bear than Fancy Bear. Yes, he led wire to wire, and yes, he was nattily dressed in a sharp blue blazer, but he never seemed like he was in control of the game.

When Fancy Bear hacks you, he wants you to know it. For Cozy Bear, hacking you is good enough. Despite losing Rumania and Sevastopol and being under siege in the south for most of the game, Pravel quietly topped Game No. 341, which ended by time limit after the Fall 1906 turn in the following center counts:

Sunday, 07 May 2017 13:22

Keep on Trotting

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It's official: Jake Trotta is dominating our 12th season of Windy City Weasels Diplomacy. Trotta posted another hard-fought board-top in Game No. 340, played yesterday at Bryan Pravel's soon-to-be-former home in River North. Trotta now has 4.5 tops on the year, which means, with three months of play remaining, he's in line to challenge Peter Lokken's all-time record of 7.5 tops, set in Season 6.

Trotta ran his personal league streak to three straight tops, including the last two league games played. No one has ever topped three straight league games. It looks like that drought will continue, as Trotta is not scheduled to play on Red Wednesday this week.

Game No. 340 went nine years. The final center counts were:

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 22:29

Turkey's Turkey

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Jake Trotta in Turkey rolled a solid final frame to snatch the board-top in Game No. 339, played April 22 at Diversey River Bowl. The game ended in Spring 1909 in a seven-way draw. The final center counts were:

Friday, 14 April 2017 17:06

A single scoop of Dip for dessert

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It takes stamina to be a Weasel. The dust hadn't even settled over the bloody fields of Glen Ellyn, and there the Weasels were, gathering at the Red Lion to do battle once more.

April 12 was the second Wednesday of the month, so three days after CODCon or not, Red Wednesday went on. Game No. 338 ended by time limit after the Fall 1906 turn in the following center counts:

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 16:13

CodCon 11, Round 3, Board 2

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Round 3, Board 2

This game featured one of the two Best Englands in the tournament.

The game ended by time limit at the end of 1909 with the following center counts:

Austria (Matt Sundstrom): 5; 10.081 points.
England (Don Glass): 11; 48.790 points. (Best England)
France (Nick Rohn): 2; 1.613 points.
Germany (Jake Trotta): 5; 10.081 points.
Italy (Kevin O'Kelley): 0; 0.000 points.
Russia (John Gramila): 3; 3.629 points.
Turkey (Brian Shelden): 8; 25.806 points.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017 16:13

CodCon 11, Round 3, Board 1

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Round 3, Board 1

This game featured the seventh solo in CodCon history and the eventual Cariest Bear award winner, Kevin O'Kelly. Christian Kline earned an honorable mention for the Cariest Bear award for throwing the solo despite not getting stabbed.

The game ended by solo in 1909 with the following center counts:

Austria (Jake Trotta): 0; 0.000 points.
England (John Gramila): 4; 0.000 points.
France (Chad Carson): 3; 0.000 points.
Germany (Ben DiPaola): 4; 0.000 points.
Italy (Christian Kline): 2; 0.000 points.
Russia (Kevin O'Kelly): 2; 0.000 points. (Cariest Bear)
Turkey (Jim O'Kelley): 19; 100.000 points. (Best Turkey)

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017 16:07

CodCon 11, Round 2, Board 2

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Round 2, Board 2

This game featured a three-way split board top and the Best Germany of the tournament.

The game ended by draw vote during the Spring 1908 turn with the following center counts:

Austria (Jorge Zhang): 1; 0.000 points.
England (Chad Carson): 9; 28.929 points.
France (John Gramila): 0; 0.000 points.
Germany (Matt Sundstrom): 9; 28.929 points.
Italy (Jim O'Kelley): 6; 12.857 points.
Russia (Brad Harrington): 0; 0.000 points.
Turkey (Kevin O'Kelly): 9; 28.929 points.

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